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Alexis Pugh Theater

The Alexis Pugh theatre is by far the smallest in the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando.

Whereas the Disney Theater has 2700 seats and the Multi-Form Theater 1700, this is the little brother with a seating capacity of just 300.

Unlike the mammoth stage of the Walt Disney Theater, it has a proscenium opening, which at the maximum, is just thirty-six feet wide (about a third of the size of the Walt Disney Theater) and thirty-two feet high.


Yet like the Multi-Form Theater, it is adaptable to various types of presentations, depending on what is required for each type of show.

Not only can it be adapted to the particular configurations required by a variety of plays, it also can serve as a cabaret and a place for banquets, wedding receptions, and other special events, just as the Multi-Form Theater can.

Thrust Stage

This theatre, unlike the other two in the complex, has a thrust stage that juts out into the audience area in a horse-shoe shape.

Thus, as is true in different ways in the other two theaters in the complex, there is a sense of intimacy—not only due to the small space but to the nearness of the performers appearing on the thrust stage.

Besides size, the space differs from the other two indoor theaters at the complex in another important way—its purpose.

Community Theatre

Whereas the Disney theatre will be home to traveling road shows and other professional entertainment, the Alexis Pugh space will operate largely as a community theatre.

Yet it also will present talented newcomers and those who are just starting out their careers in show business. It also will present small concerts and other musical events.

Like the rest of the performing arts complex, the Alexis Theater is colorful and spectacular.

Local artist Tom McGrath created thirty-four different panels of art to decorate the ceiling in what resembles stained glass.

Additionally, the backs of each seat provide a kaleidoscope of colors.

The Alexis Pugh Theater is the place to go if you are interested in experimental theater and new and often innovative performers—actors, singers, dancers, and other types of entertainment.

Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

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