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The Orlando Wetlands Festival

The Orlando Wetlands Festival is set for Feb. 21, from nine a.m. till three p.m. at the city’s 1650 wetland park.

The event is presented by the City of Orlando, the Audubon Society, the Orange County Parks and Recreation Department, and Atkins Global.

It should be a fun-filled day with a large number of activities available for those of all ages from youngsters to senior citizens.

Guided Tours & Hikes

For example, there will be guided bird-watching tours, plant identification hikes led by the Florida Native Plant Society, and wilderness hikes led by the Florida Trail Association.

For those who would rather opt out of the various hikes you can avail yourselves of guided bus tours, and even old-fashioned hay rides.

There will be bird-banding and mist-netting demonstrations and much, much more.

Park History

Though it’s probably not apparent to anyone today, the park has a diverse and interesting history.

Beginning when settlers moved there in the 1880s and used the area for cattle grazing following the Seminole Wars.

Later, in the early 1900s, red cedar trees were logged in the area and sent off to be made into furniture and fence posts.

Other trees were tapped for turpentine and then cut down and used for lumber.

Twenty years later, in the 1940s, the land became a dairy farm.

Today the park is owned and run by the city’s wastewater division.

But all that is in the past.

Best Wetlands Festival

The upcoming ‘Best Wetlands Festival in the United States’ will mark its fifteenth year in existence.

In addition to the activities already mentioned, there will be various exhibits, door prizes, and games.

Attendees also will be given trees to plan.

The festival provides a chance to view nature at its best and have a day of fun besides.

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