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Guests Under the age of 10 are Exempt

As anyone who’s ever visited Walt Disney World knows, there are costumes everywhere at the parks and not just on Cast Members!

There are times when it seems like every little girl under six in the park is decked out in her best princess gown for a day at Disney World.

Since Disney World is very much a place that celebrates the child in all of us, many adults wonder if they can join in on the fun and wear costumes to the park, too, and, if so, when?

The answer is not very often.

Due to security concerns, costumes are banned from the parks under Disney’s guest dress code.

Guests under the age of 10 are exempt from this costume policy (and you’ll definitely see lots of little ones done up as princesses and pirates throughout the parks).

So, does that mean teens and adults are never allowed to wear costumes to the parks?

Exceptions for Adults & Teens


Costumes are actually permitted for guests over the age of 10 on a few very special occasions:

  • Star Wars Weekends - Many Star Wars fans, as you might imagine, make sure to take advantage with this and can really go all-out with their costumes!
  • Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party – It’s not a Halloween party without costumes, so feel free to dress up!
  • There are still some rules, though, and other considerations (like Florida’s hot, humid weather) that you should keep in mind when picking a costume.

Here are some Disney dress tips!

Costumes Should NOT

  • Obstruct the guest’s view or interfere with their ability to board/unload from attractions and/or the Walt Disney World Resort transportation system
  • Contain sharp or pointed objects or material that may accidentally strike another guest
  • Be offensive to other guests
  • Contain any weapons which resemble or could easily be mistaken for an actual weapon
  • Obstruct the guest’s face (no full face masks; face painting and fun hair styles are okay!)

By Marie Ospina

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