Avatar Land Is Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Fictional characters continue to invade Walt Disney World Resort (WDW).

Animal Kingdom originally had plans to dedicate a section of the park to mythical creatures, but it never came to fruition.

In 2017 that will change and the park will welcome the blue-skinned people, flying trees and stunning bioluminescent trees from Avatar – the extremely popular 2009 movie.

Welcome to Pandora

The new land will be located in the old Camp Minnie-Mickey, which is between Africa and Oasis.

The new land’s location will also occupy a space previously used for the Disney character meet-and-greet and the "Festival of the Lion King" show.

When Avatar Land is complete guests will feel as though they have entered Pandora – the world that the mystical Na’vi people live on.

When you enter the land you will live, breathe, eat and smell the alien world firsthand.

Lucky for everyone on planet Earth, the sliver of Pandora located in Animal Kingdom is not poisonous to humans in the way that it was to those in the film..

The Camp

A lot of thought has gone into the aesthetics in this new land.

The camp is filled with audio animatronics, 3-D projections and hologram effects.

When darkness falls lighting effects will give you sensory overload and direct your experience throughout the foreign land.

LED lit sidewalks will ensure that you can see where you are headed and illuminated plants will intrigue you.

Reach out and place a hand on one of the lit plants, they respond to touch.

New Rides

The main attraction, considered an E-ticket ride, is reminiscent of the Soarin’ ride at Epcot.

The flight simulator places you atop a banshee as you travel through Pandora.

The ride is expected to be considerably more thrilling than the ride at Epcot.

Atop your specially selected banshee you will dive and weave along through the skies.

Another slated attraction, this one considered a D-Ticket ride, is an indoor boat ride that is similar to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Riders will travel down a picturesque river in Pandora, taking in all the sights and sound of the surrounding forest.

The colorful greenery and animals will Pandora will envelope you as you take this journey along the river.

There may be a few small drops along the ride, but it is expected to be very family friendly.

Further information on Avatar Land will be announced in the near future, check back regularly to stay up to date.

If everything goes works out flawlessly the opening of Avatar Land may just coincide with the theatre release of the second Avatar movie.

By Marie Ospina

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