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Dapper Day Event at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Remember the good ol’ days where people would wake up in the morning and throw on their most elaborate outfits, complete with their favorite hat?

Now people can experience just that at “Dapper Day” at Walt Disney World.

This fancy gathering consists of wannabee Don Drapers, old-school gangsters, noir vixens and the lonesome members of the barbershop quartets.

Guests who attend this event claim dapper is more than just an adjective, it’s an attitude.

Not an Official Disney Event

Although Dapper Day is not an official Disney event, thousands of people in their most glamorous attire have been making their way out to this sophisticated event since February 2011.

Dapper Day Events claim to celebrate the tradition of celebrating in style.

In addition to the outstanding variety of vintage inspired attire, guests have the opportunity to enjoy all of their favorite Disney rides and spectacles while looking their absolute best.

Annual Event

This annual spring event serves up signature dapper cocktails in addition to all of the tasty treats served up and down Main Street USA.

It seems as if people enjoy this spectacular day full of shoulder-padded powder suits and lace dresses because of the nostalgia that surrounds the event.

People love being able to imagine living in a time that is much different than their generation.

Plus, there are not many days where people can step out of their home dressed up in their best dapper attire.

Dapper Day
Dapper Day
Dapper Day Dapper Day 1 Dapper Day 2 Dapper Day 3 Dapper Day 4 Dapper Day 5 Dapper Day 6


Dapper Mickey and Minnie

Even all of everyone’s favorite Disney characters will be dressed up!

Mickey and Minnie will both have on their best ensembles for the day.

As guests perch themselves up on the carousel during sunset, they bob up and down on the gleaming white horses, men with their porkpie hats and women with their ladylike postures.

With the calliope music playing in the background, it gives everyone a little glimpse of what life was like back in the day as Dapper Day comes to a close.

By Marie Ospina

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