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Disney Character Autograph Tips

Getting autographs from their favorite characters can be a fun and important part of a child’s visit to Walt Disney World, but it can certainly take up a lot of time and not go as smoothly as planned.

Here are some tips for making your experience with Walt Disney World autographs as easy, thrifty, and memorable as possible.

Go Early

The early bird truly does get the worm when it comes to autographs.

The earlier you arrive at the park and queue up to meet characters, the shorter your wait will be.

If there is a Meet and Greet you just can’t miss, check maps before you get there, know where you’re going, and get there as soon as you can.

Make Your own Autograph Book

Buy a notebook at a convenience store at home and decorate it together with your kids.

Not only is this fun, it will save you some cash as autograph books in the park can be overpriced.

Also consider over fun items for characters to sign, like t-shirts (you can’t be wearing them during the signing, of course).

Bring Good Pens

By far the handiest kind of pen for autographs is click-top pens as it saves characters from having to fumble caps off with their big mitts.

If you want to use a Sharpie (another great choice), please uncap the pen for the character to help things run smoothly.

Bring Good Pens
Bring Good Pens
Bring Good Pens Bring Good Pens 1 Bring Good Pens 2 Bring Good Pens 3 Bring Good Pens 4 Bring Good Pens 5 Bring Good Pens 6 Bring Good Pens 7 Bring Good Pens-8


Book a Character Meal

Forego lines all together and get several autographs in one go at one of Disney’s character dining experiences!

Meet Characters in Epcot

Not only are waits for the princesses here shorter, but the characters here are known to be very interactive with guests!

Ask the Character About Their Lives

Ask Flynn Ryder about Rapunzel or The Wicked Stepsisters about Cinderella or whether they’ve found husbands yet.

Characters’ answers to these kinds of questions are usually a lot of fun!

* For you Grownups out There *

Please have respect for the Disney cast members whose job it is to bring beloved Disney characters to life.

They must abide by some strict rules, so please do not:

1) Ask them to break character.
2) Try to bribe them with cash.
3) Make them hold your baby (those big mitts can be clumsy!).
4) Get angry when they need a short break. Remember, it’s pretty hot in those costumes!

By Marie Ospina

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