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Disney Quest Closing

It seems as though every day there is another rumor or update regarding Downtown Disney as it continues to transition to Disney Springs.

The latest news includes DisneyQuest being called to the chopping block.

The 18-year-old attraction has had a long run, but sometimes ‘good things come to an end,’ and this is the case.

Disney Quest History

Some attractions are also far more enjoyable in the morning, such as Kilimanjaro Safaris at Animal Kingdom.

In 1998 DisneyQuest opened in Downtown Disney’s West Side as a flagship location.

The indoor interactive venue, which featured five levels full of state-of-the-art games, was initially designed with the plan to open additional venues in major cities around the country. After the closure of the Chicago location –the second and only other site to open- the expansion project was scraped.

DisneyQuest will close sometime during 2016.

Basketball Dreams Come to Disney Springs

When DisneyQuest shutters its entrance the site will be renovated and transform into the new “NBA Experience" attraction.

The work does not have a scheduled opening date, but the similar projects can take six months to a couple years to complete.

The new venue will include a restaurant, retail shop and interactive component.

You may get the chance to watch NBA video productions that will take place in this multi-purpose attraction.

Details to Follow

Hopefully windows will be added to the restaurant section of the sun-less structure, but exact details on the façade have not been announced.

Both the NBA and Walt Disney World Resort are very excited for this new addition to the Disney Springs landscape.

NBA City –located in Universal’s CityWalk- will close its doors on August 31st so there will be no direct NBA competitor in the area.

The Disney establishment will be approximately three times the size of the establishment currently at CityWalk.

By Marie Ospina

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