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Disney World Wants to Hear Your Complaints

Everyone wants their vacation to be perfect, but sometimes things go awry.

The first thing most people do when something goes wrong is start complaining to staff members followed by their family and friends.

Walt Disney World Resort (WDW) in Florida understands this and they want to make sure they hear any gripes you have to offer them.

Jump on Twitter

The easiest way to get your message across is to open your Twitter account, if you don’t have one then create one to ensure a Disney cast member hears you.

Once you’re on Twitter all you need to do is tweet a message to @WDWToday.

The account is managed during regular park hours, but you can ask a question at high noon or 2am and expect a response once cast members are back in the office.

The friendly folks in Guest Services will be able to assist you with almost any question that you have, provide basic information and point you in the right direction when you have an issue or concern.

Talk about taking the dread of having to search far and wide for the answer you’re looking for.

You also don’t have to wait on the phone line as a cast member searches for your answer.

Once you have sent a tweet to @WDWToday tuck your phone away while the magic happens.

When you’re response is sent you should see a notification on your phone.

Easy peasy.

Know Before You Go

Not only is this a way to connect with WDW cast members, it’s a great way to plan your trip out.

They have all the inside details on the happenings at each park, store and restaurant.

If you want to make sure a restaurant or ride is open on a specific date all you need to do is send them a tweet.

What makes this better than a phone call is that you now have the information in writing and don’t have to worry about losing a piece of paper with tons of notes scribbled on it.

This platform is currently used at Disneyland and has been very successful.

It is certain to be a great benefit to visitors from around the globe who may not be able to call, but have access to a cell phone or computer with internet.

Tweet away, the cast members happily await your messages!

By Marie Ospina

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