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Explore the Hidden Bathrooms at Magic Kingdom

After taking pictures with all of your favorite characters and taking drops down mountains, your young child turns to you and claims that they have to use the bathroom.

Now that someone in your family is in need of a bathroom, you pull out your oversized Disney map in hopes of finding the closest restroom but become quickly disappointed when you come to realize that the nearest one isn’t as close as you hoped.

Everyone is always coming up with solutions when it comes to waiting in the lines at Disney and beating the heat but often forget the importance of something such as a bathroom!

Believe it or not, as you’re scrambling around through the crowds the closest bathroom may be closer than you had anticipated.

Disney has placed several secret restrooms throughout the parks for the convenience of all of their guests and being aware of their locations can save you a lot of walking and precious vacation time.

Secret Restrooms in Adventureland

One of these secret restrooms is located right in Adventureland!

To find this bathroom you will want to start off at The Pirates of The Caribbean ride.

From there, you will take walk towards Frontierland as you proceed to pass the Pirates of The Caribbean exit and gift shop.

Once you walk pass the Frontierland entrance sign you will take an immediate left into some cozy tunnels.

As you approach the end of the tunnel there will be a bright light, that’s when you’ll know your have approached the secret bathroom!

In this excellent bathroom you will find tons of stalls and a very clean setting since not many guests are aware of its location.

Another bonus is that it is wheelchair accessible.

Next time you’re strolling through Adventureland and someone in your party needs a bathroom break; don’t forget about this awesome and hidden bathroom!

By Marie Ospina

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