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How to Save Money on Your Disney World Shopping Souvenirs

Shop for fun souvenirs such as Character costumes, bubble guns and Squirt water fan bottles during your dream Disney World vacation.

Find and buy amusing, original ornaments and novelties at Disney parks at great savings.

These purchasing suggestions are for guest shopping pleasure and creative budget planning.

Buy Character Sipper Cups

Charming Disney character sipper cups cost only $5.95.

Refill your children cups during your visit.

Think of the money you will save refilling the cups, versus repeated stops to purchase drinks.

Your child will enjoy having their favorite drinks on hand through the day.

Plus, you get to take it back home with you.

Character sipper cups are found in the Disney retail shops throughout the park.

Pressed Penny Books and Pressed Pennies

Two unique souvenirs are the pressed penny books and the pressed pennies.

These fun keepsakes are sold for about $10.00.

Find pressed penny machines all over the parks.

Seek, find and start your own collection of inexpensive souvenirs.

Tote Bags $6.00

Find exquisite tote bags for $6.00.

Use them for baby items, food, shopping and more whiled at the park.

When you return home, you have a souvenirs as well as a practical bag for everyday use.

Disney World stores also carry numerous, costly bags, purses and totes in the same shop.

Hoodie Sweatshirts

Disney's Zip Up Hoodie Sweatshirts are priced between $40 to $50.

These sporty, fashionable zip up sweatshirts provide weather protection and ventilation.

Wear your hoodie in the parks, and wear it even more when you get back home.

Christmas Ornaments

Stores at Magic Kingdom sell Christmas ornaments all year round.

They sell for $15.00 or less.

Look for the after Christmas sales for even greater savings.

Celebrate and decorate your home with tree skirts and more.

Bring back Disney memory over and over, each year.

Recall your Disney stay during the holiday.

Do not for get something for the co-workers.

Mickey and Crew

The Mickey and Crew, 3-in-1 packs of souvenir coffees are priced at $7.50.

Great gift bag stuffers for those back at the office.

Let them know you were thinking of them with a specialty surprise they love.

Clearance Sales

Be on the look out for clearance rack sales at Disney World.

Pick up great deals on caps for about $8.00.

MouseGear, shirts, hats and books are discounted for half off the original price.

Other Suitable Gifts

Other suitable gifts or presents are the beloved glasses, popular key chains and beloved mugs.

Scan the shops for particular items that are date themed.

The folks back home love to receive a part of the Disney experience.

The average cost is about $5.00 per special dated souvenir.

Handsomely priced Disney's trading pins are a sure bet.

These special pins' price starts at $6.00.

They make the perfect economic gift for everyone on your list.

Antenna toppers are priced at $4.95 and Disney picture fames and scrapbook under $20.00.

Find bargains at all Disney World resorts.

For less than $10.00, you choose between specialties of balloons, toys, candies, gift bags and other surprising souvenirs.

Of course take home a few extra Disney park maps, show schedule leaflets and other free printed items to share with family, friends and neighbors on your return.

The most popular inexpensive Disney World gift list consist of kitchen towels, luggage tags, T-shirts, Epcot's shot glasses, colorful recyclable shopping bags, cute pencils and pens, with Disney plates and cups most admired by all.

Lastly, if you forgot to buy that special present or precious gift, go to the Disney Store online to place your order.

You will find some great deals on their website.

By Marie Ospina

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