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Brand new LEGOLAND Hotel Coming in 2015

Do you think they will build the new LEGOLAND Hotel with LEGOS?

If kids have anything to do with it, you can bet that at least some of the construction will be made with plastic bricks at the brand-new hotel coming in 2015.

Located directly adjacent to LEGOLAND, this hotel’s site will ensure that LEGOLAND guests can get the most fun and time out of their visit.

Thanks to the bright, signature LEGO colors of blue, red, yellow and green, you’ll have a hard time missing the entrance.

A bright white clock tower with a dragon for a sentinel will greet incoming guests.

As soon as you step into the hotel all things brick will greet you.

Hotel Features

If the other LEGOLAND Hotels are any influence on the new Florida location, there will be Lego building activities scattered around the hotel, impressive Lego figures, and secret surprises throughout (look out for whoopee cushions!).

The hotel will hold 152 themed rooms, based on the original Lego themes of Adventure, Kingdoms, and Pirates.

Of course, each room will have its own bucket of Legos for visitors who just haven’t had enough of building after a day at LEGOLAND.

Amenities at the hotel may include a hotel shop, a pool, and various places to eat.

Multi-day Stay

Because of the location, the LEGOLAND Hotel will enable guests to take advantage of a multi-day stay at LEGOLAND.

The park is small enough to make the rounds in one day, but if your family participates in a Mindstorms course or wants to hit the water park, your visit can easily stretch to multiple days.

Thanks to the LEGOLAND Hotel coming soon, you can enjoy a visit to LEGOLAND without even driving away.

By Marie Ospina

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Legoland Ticket
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Adult age 13 + $86.67 $64.67 $22.00
Child age 3-11 $79.18 $58.18 $21.00
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