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Changes Coming to Disney ís Food & Wine Festival

There is really an app for everything.

When you open your iPhone App or Google Play store you are greeted by thousands of options to choose from.

Among these apps are those that are targeted at making your vacation more convenient.

Skip the Dining Line

After waiting in line for an hour to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train you aren’t looking forward to standing in another line for 30 minutes to get lunch for your hungry family.

Well Walt Disney World Resort (WDW) and SeaWorld Orlando have made attempts to address this issue.

Theme parks are investing big dollars into the research and development of features that will make your time in the park more enjoyable.

Skip the Dining Line

Currently you can preorder your meals at Be Our Guest restaurant.

Recently WDW has been testing the ordering feature at Backlot Express restaurant and during its "Fantasmic!" nighttime show.

At Be Our Guest you can order our meal up to 30 days in advance. Kiosks are also available at the restaurant if you would like to place your lunch order there.

SeaWorld Orlando has also taken steps to make it easier and faster to enjoy a meal.

Last year the park began allowing guests to purchase select menu items ahead of time at Seaport Pizza.

There are plans to expand this system through the next year.

In order to complete your order you will need to provide valid credit card details.

Whoís Next?

This online ordering platform is nothing new.

Chili’s, Olive Garden and Panera Bread have all allowed customers to place orders online whether it be for pick-up or to eat in the establishment.

Some restaurants, like Chili’s, have tablet-like devices where you can place orders, play games and at the end of the evening pay your bill.

Dietary Preferences

Dietary restrictions and preferences are another feature that are important to visitors.

If you are a pescetarian and note it in your ordering profile the app may be able to alert you of changes to menus that will affect your dining selections

Theme Parks Evolving

In the next year you can expect to see a similar shift in theme parks. 

A platform similar to that of Fast Pass+ will likely be available for park guests in the near future.

The entire park will have a tiny bit of Tomorrowland incorporated into them as this new feature is rolled out.

If you show up to a theme park with a pocket full of cash you will still have to stand in a queue to complete your order, but if you have a credit card to charge expenses on to then you can skip the wait and complete your purchases in a few keystrokes.

You can imagine that there will be a learning curve as theme park guests are accustomed to standing a line to complete most tasks, but this is sure to be a game changer in the line-waiting realm.

By Marie Ospina

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