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Orlando Pet Paradise Resort New Location

Everyone loves a vacation, but most times you can’t bring your darling pet along with you.

In comes  Pet Paradise Resort to make sure your four-legged friend doesn’t leave you scrambling to find a pet sitter.

Pet Paradise Resort does more than feed your pet; they work to create a memorable experience for your pet and a peace of mind for you while you are away.

Sanford Pet Paradise Resort

Should you be flying out of Sanford, consider using the facility near the airport.

The resort will open in April near the Orlando International Airport

With their service all you’ve got to do is make sure you drop your pet off before heading to the airports parking lot.

An All-Inclusive Resort

There is no need to pack your pet’s suitcase along with yours; raised beds, blankets and toys are all provided. 

All accommodations are climate controlled, so you don’t have to worry about your Miniature Pinscher being miserable on a chilly winter night.

There are multiple, supervised play sessions that your pooch can participate in during the day. Indoor and outdoor play areas are accessible to resort guests if your pet has a preference between the two. 

Make sure to pack your pooches floaters if he can’t swim too well, his new pals at the resort may want to hang out by the bone shaped pool on a warm, sunny day.

Pet Paradise Resort
Pet Paradise Resort
Pet Paradise Resort Pet Paradise Resort 1 Pet Paradise Resort 2 Pet Paradise Resort 3 Pet Paradise Resort 4 Pet Paradise Resort 5 Pet Paradise Resort 6


IAMS pet food is served for both cats and dogs. 

If your pet prefers something else you should pack their favorite foods so they aren’t upset with you when you return. 

Ice cream treats and biscuits are also available to dogs that enjoy a snack or two.

There are also on-call veterinary and bathing services, should your pet need them.

For added assurance you can opt for a luxury suite that has a TV that will allow you to check in on your pet while you are away.

Cat Are Welcome Here

While not as social as canines, cats are welcome to stay at the resort. 

Their accommodations are in a different section completely. 

Cat condos provide calming music piped in to create a soothing, spa-like environment. 

If you have a few feline friends that would prefer to room together there is a larger cat condo to lodge cat families - this space can also be used for individual cats that prefer a little more space to themselves.

Pet VacationHeaven

Pet Paradise Resort offers a great service to those of us that truly want our pets to enjoy their lives as much as we do. 

There is no reason why you should be the only one that takes a vacation; your pet deserves one as well from time to time.

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