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Which Rides and Attractions to Skip at Disney

Taking a vacation to Walt Disney World is a wonderfully exciting experience.

The parks are large and filled with tons of different things to do, which mean in reality, you probably won’t have the chance to ride every ride or watch every show.

To make the most out of your Disney vacation, it is best to skip over a few things that just aren’t waiting in line for so you can make more time for more eventful happenings.

Below are some things that are safe to skip over at The Happiest Place on Earth.

Itís Tough to Be a Bug - Animal Kingdom

Unless you’re a major fan of bugs, you’ll be happy you skipped out on this one. “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” is an interactive 3-D movie where bugs spit “poison” at the audience, wasps “sting” unsuspecting people and spiders crawl down from the ceiling!

The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow - Hollywood Studios

This is more of a walk-through exhibit that many guests find boring. If your are looking for a pirate adventure opt for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride at Magic Kingdom.

Country Bear Jamboree - Magic Kingdom

There are plenty of shows scattered throughout the Disney parks and as quirky as this one may be, there are plenty of other attractions that offer a bit more of an entertainment factor. 

Plus, this is one attraction that has not been updated in a while.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure - Hollywood Studios

This playground features giant objects to make children feel as if they are the size of bugs. 

It may sound exciting, but ultimately it is a clustered room full of children and you are better off spending your time riding rides!

Make the most of your trip to Disney by skipping over attractions and rides that don’t necessarily live up to the hype, such as those previously listed.

Choose rides and attractions that features characters that your family knows and loves and everyone is sure to have a jolly ole’ time!

By Marie Ospina

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