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Are Selfie Sticks Ban Coming to Orlando Theme Parks

Selfie sticks are a growing trend when it comes to photography.

Gone are the days when you had to ask a stranger to snap a group photo of you in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

Even the need to use the forward facing camera on your Smartphone when you want to take a picture and share on Facebook is becoming archaic.

With a selfie stick all you need to do is lock your phone or camera to the end of a monopod-looking device and you no longer need to pester other park guests, you can now take your own photo.

It allows you to hold your device further away, permitting more people and more of the backdrop into your shot.

We all thought this was great until non-selfie using guests snapped back at the selfie stick crowd.

A Disney spokesperson stated ”Guests riding attractions, trams and other moving vehicles are already asked to securely stow any equipment such as cameras, canes and other personal belongings — and selfie sticks are in the same category,” she said.

Selfie Stick Pains

While there are a number of concerns regarding the device holding contraption, many can be refuted.

One concern is that the sticks will prevent other guests from seeing performances, parades and fireworks because the device will be raised in the air.

During many of these events there is a chance that a guest taller than yourself may obstruct your view.

Also, many guests have held their cameras and phones above their head with their arms with no cause for concern in the past.

Another concern is that they can be used as weapons.

If we made a list of items that can be considered a potential weapon then everyone entering a theme park would be in the buff, with freshly trimmed nails.

The stick is no more a weapon than motorized scooters or the bone inside that delicious turkey leg you find at many parks.

Parks should be looking at the potential marketing and brand awareness opportunities that can come from this.

Not only are more guests taking photos in their parks, they are also capturing the landscape and sharing those images with others.

Guest’s no longer want the same backdrop and pose in photos, they want to put their own touch on scenes that have been photographed by others.

A photographer can still pack his tripod or monopod; the selfie stick is more compact.

Is a Parkwide or Ride Only Ban?

The only viable concern at the moment is guests using the sticks on rides.

Educating selfie stick using park guests would be just as helpful as current practices regarding loose footwear and unsecured items in their pockets.

While there is still a greater chance of someone losing their pocket change on SeaWorld’s Kraken than actually making it on the rollercoaster with a selfie stick.

There are multiple scenarios that can play out at this point.

While a full on ban is highly unlikely there is a greater likelihood that all parks will soon ban the sticks on rides and during performances.

Theme parks still allowed guests to bring their video cameras to parks, but banned them from being used on rides when they found that visitors were creating this cause for concern.

Some theme parks have already started banning selfie sticks on rides and some venues, such as the Amway Center; have banned the sticks during performances and games.

By Marie Ospina

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