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Infants and Babies at Walt Disney World

Bringing an infant to Walt Disney World may seem like a formidable task – strollers, gear, food, and supplies are all important to your days at home, and why would a trip to a huge amusement park be any different?

If you plan well and prepare, bringing an infant to the parks is not only feasible, but could even be fun.

First of all, children under the age of three are admitted to Walt Disney World Parks free of charge.

That alone may make up your mind whether or not to bring along your family’s new addition!

What you Should Definitely Pack

Take the time to go over your list of supplies.

Pay attention in one day what you use the most, and write it down!

This will be a great resource when you are thinking about bringing along your supplies.

Stroller Tips

Your own stroller will be a great comfort to your child.

Not only will you be familiar with how it works, but also it will probably be more comfortable than the molded plastic ones available at WDW (but these are better than nothing in a pinch!).

Tie a colorful balloon or another way to quickly identify your stroller at a glance to help with identification when leaving a ride.

Just be aware you will have to fold up the strollers on tram and bus rides.

Baby Care Centers & Rider Swap Program

Utilize the Baby Care Centers located in all of the WDW parks.

These centers range from a small room to a multi-room center with areas for feeding, changing, and just relaxing out of the sun.

Consider following your infant’s sleeping schedule – getting to the park early, resting in the afternoon, and then playing again in the afternoon.

Some rides are easy to bring infants along, but if it is inappropriate, you can use the Rider Swap program which lets one guest wait with the infant, and then “swap” with the other rider without waiting in line twice.

Most importantly, be flexible.

You probably can’t cram every ride in a park into one day, and if you prepare for this, it will relieve a lot of stress.

Have a great time, and take lots of pictures!

By Marie Ospina

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