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Disability Access Service Card at Issue

Sixteen families consisting of children and young adults, who have developmental disabilities, have filed a lawsuit against Walt Disney World claiming that the park failed to accommodate the special needs of their children.

These discrimination allegations regard changes that were made to the company’s policy for accommodating people at the parks and how they violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

October 2013

Back in October, Disney made changes to their policy to help further accommodate the needs of visitors with disabilities by allowing them to obtain a special card known as the Disability Access Service Card which would allow them to schedule a return time based on current wait times.

While this feature does give them the opportunity to miss out on the long lines, it only allows them to schedule one attraction at a time.

This change in policy caused a huge uproar because previously, Disney guests with disabilities and their groups would have a pass that would allow them to skip the lines on most rides, without a limit.

You may be wondering why they opted to change this policy in the first place and it was because guests would abuse the system by hiring disabled tour guides just so they could get the pass to skip the lines.

Grueling Lines

These families are also claiming unhelpful interaction with the cast members at the Disney parks and long, grueling lines.

For example, one mother claims she had to wait an hour and a half just to receive her child’s Disability Access Card and after that still had to wait another hour-and-fifteen-minutes to ride “It’s A Small World.”

The goal of the lawsuit is to alter the policies that Disney currently has in place while the families are also seeking damages.

Despite the strong effort made by each one of these families, it seems as if Disney is sticking to their policies by claiming that they do in fact comply with the ADA requirements and believe the legal claims are without merit.

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