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Slammiversary XIII at Universal Studios Florida

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, producers of IMPACT Wrestling are bringing the show back to Orlando, Florida for five days, from June 24th though June 28th.

Slammiversary XIII will be taped and aired live on Pay-Per-View (PPV) from Universal Studios Orlando on June 28, 2015 in Soundstage 20.

Doors open at 6:00pm each night and the show kicks off at 7:00pm.

You can queue the line up to an hour in advance – make sure that you get there on time as seating is first come first seated.

Free Live Pro Wrestling

Entry to the Soundstage for each event is free of charge.

Guests with park tickets need to visit the Studio Audience Center (Lost & Found) at Universal Studios for instructions on attending the taping.

This is located just past the turnstile entrance of the park to your right.

Guests without park tickets should head to the courtyard outside the Blue Man Group Box Office.

This location is inside of Universal Studios CityWalk.

Event Operations Team Member

There will be an Event Operations Team Member there throughout the day to assist interested guests with questions and to aid you in joining the queue.

From 9:00am through 5:00pm VIP tickets will be handed out within Universal Studios. 

Tickets will be handed out at the Blue Man Group location from 10:00am through 6:30pm. 

You must have a numbered ticket to attend any show.

The earlier you pick up your ticket the closer you will be to the front of the queue – each ticket is numbered. 

You will be told when to return and where to go to enter the line that is queuing for the show that evening.

At approximately 5:00pm guests will be able to enter the official queue for the show that evening. 

You may want to pack an umbrella regardless of the weather; it will protect you from the elements regardless of whether it is raining or hot and sunny.

Although guests of any age are welcome to attend the shows some content may be more along the lines of PG-13 program.

Adults with children may bring children under the age of 13 at their own discretion.

It is also worth noting that IMPACT Wrestling retains the right to put anyone of their choosing in the front of the line to suit their production needs.

All seating is based upon availability and is left to the sole discretion of show management.


All shows will be crowded, but if you are interested in attending the Slammiversary event you should arrive very early, as the show will fill up quickly.

Each show is approximately two (2) hours long – the PPV taping will last about three (3) hours.

The show is action packed and you will feel the excitement in the air.

In the past wrestlers such as MMA star King Mo and Mark Mandrews Andrews have jumped in the ring at Universal Studios.

After the shows, (not including the PPV) one wrestler (to be announced on the day of the show) will be available for a Meet & Greet and IN-Ring Photo opportunity.

To take part in the after show event look out for the “Amazing Pictures” Representative in the blue polo shirts, they will be at the cash register to the right of where you entered the soundstage.

There is a $20 to $25 charge, this allows you to enter the ring with the wrestler, have a photo taken and then you will be able to immediately pick up your photo at the cash register.

You are welcome to bring food into the show from Universal Studios or CityWalk.

Make sure to bring a bottle or two of water since you will be in line for at least an hour.

IMPACT Wrestling events do not include entrance to Universal Studios theme park.

Remember to arrive early to pick up your VIP ticket and get a better chance at making it to the show.

If the arrive late you may be asked to wait in the standby line or refused entrance if capacity is reached.

By Marie Ospina

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