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The Sorcerer’s Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to be Removed

It’s official – The Sorcerer’s Hat in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is to be removed in early 2015!

Long-time fans of Hollywood Studios are rejoicing the decision to remove the Hat, which has been an unpopular addition to the park since its construction in 2001 during the 100 Years of Magic Celebration.


Grauman’s Chinese Theater

The reason for the Hat’s lack of popularity was that many fans of the park felt that the hat broke the illusion of the park’s theming – strolling down 1930s Hollywood Boulevard no longer felt very real with the Hat blocking the view of the replica of the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, which houses The Great Movie Ride.

Blocking the view of the theater, unfortunately, was precisely the point.

When Disney lost the rights to use the Chinese Theater in merchandise and marketing materials, the Sorcerer’s Hat was constructed as a new landmark for the park, blocking the theater from view, and, indeed, disrupting the theming of the front section of the park.

But now the Hat is coming down and it remains unclear whether it will be replaced with another landmark or whether the façade of the Chinese Theater will remain exposed, as it was when the park first opened in 1989.

Major Refurbishment

The decision to remove the Sorcerer’s Hat is part of a major refurbishment-taking place at Hollywood Studios, which has already seen the removal of the Studio Backlot tour and the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow.

The Great Movie Ride will also be getting a makeover, courtesy of Turner Classic Movies, and there are rumors circulating those new themed areas based on Star Wars, Toy Story, and Cars will be coming to the park in the next few years!

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