Packing for a Walt Disney World

Packing for a Walt Disney World vacation or even just a day trip to the parks can be tricky.

You certainly don’t want to pack too much and have to tote a heavy bag around the park, but then you certainly do want to be prepared for anything.

While the basic Disney packing list may seem obvious (sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.), there are some items you definitely should not forget to bring with you!

Here is a list of helpful items often forgotten by Disney guests:


Ponchos – it rains often in Orlando, especially in June and July, so be sure to bring ponchos with you.

Don’t wait until you’re caught in the rain at the park to get them, as you’ll be paying a lot more for them than you would have at Walgreens!

Scarf/ribbon – if bringing a stroller, be sure to bring something bright to tie around the handle so you can easily spot it in the crowded stroller parking.

Belt bags – keep your cash and tickets on you at all times, nice and safe.

Ziploc bags – they have a thousand uses: packing still damp bathing suits, packing snacks for the park, packing toiletries, filling them with ice for makeshift cooling packs. Bring some!

Laundry soap – if staying on the property for a lengthy stay, be sure to make use of the large guest laundry room with its massive washers and dryers. Save yourself a mountain of laundry when you get home!


Autograph books – these can be pricey in the park, so pick up some cute Disney notebooks at a store near home or even make some with your kids!

Glowsticks – give these to your kids during the fireworks so they don’t beg you for $25 light toys.

Mickey swag – Disney merchandise is less expensive outside the parks, so it couldn’t hurt to get a few items before embarking.

If your daughter will want a princess tiara or Mickey shirt, buy her one at a store near home and bring it with you for her to wear in the parks where merchandise can be pricey.

Pennies – bring pennies and quarters with you for the pressed penny machines that make fun and inexpensive souvenirs.

First Aid

Moleskin and Band-Aids - for blisters.

Aloe – for soothing sunburns.

Antibacterial lotion – always be sure to clean your hands before eating or getting off an especially little kid-friendly ride as you don’t want to bring home a cold (or something worse) from your trip!

Earplugs – if you or your child is irritated/frightened by loud noises, a pair of these could come in handy during firework shows or other noisy attractions.

Sunscreen – however much you think you need, bring a little more, and be sure to coat your shins and calves, too, so you don’t end up with the infamous “Disney Rash”.

Medicines – in addition to things like aspirin and bandages, be sure to over-the-counter meds for things like upset stomach, allergies, itching, and toothaches.

Better safe than sorry.

By Marie Ospina

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