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Timeshare Presentations, Are They Worth It?

Many popular tourist destinations, especially Central Florida, have become synonymous with timeshare specials.

If you have never heard of a timeshare before you may want to know if attending a presentation and sitting through a 90 minute tour an spiel are worth the free/discounted tickets or other gift you have just been offered.

What is a Timeshare?

Before you go into a timeshare presentation you may want to know what you are actually getting yourself into.

What is this elusive timeshare that you are going to be presented and offered when you attend the presentation?

By definition a timeshare is “an arrangement whereby several joint owners have the right to use a property as a vacation home under a time-sharing agreement.”

In essence it is similar to a vacation rental condo that you have access to through your joint ownership in the property.

A vacation property is perfect for someone that enjoys traveling on a yearly basis.

With a timeshare you know exactly what you are getting when you purchase your unit.

No longer is there a need to try to book adjoining rooms as all two-bedroom timeshares have full kitchens and living rooms.

Regardless if you are staying in a room on the 1th floor one year or the 3rd the next year you can rest assured that they will include all of the same amenities.

The units are identical.

Additionally, you will have access to pools, fitness centers and cafes.

Gone are the years when your Aunt Betty packed the van and headed to her pre-scheduled timeshare week.

With many timeshares today you also do not need to worry about booking the same weekend every year, as soon as you have decided on a travel date, you just call up the reservation line and schedule your timeshare dates.

What Do You Get For Attending a Presentation?

More often than not people initially hear about timeshares from relatives or while on vacation.

When you walk down International Drive in Orlando you find that there is a desk or booth advertising timeshare presentations at every turn.

Many times you will be plied with the offer of money, discounted theme park tickets or discounted lodging accommodations.

Every timeshare presentation is different, but one thing that remains similar is that a gift is being offered to people who decide to attend a presentation.

A gift package containing three nights at a four-five star resort and two free theme park tickets for less than $200 is definitely a great deal.

It is practically impossible to find a better deal without attending a timeshare presentation.

Is it Worth Your Time?

This is one of the biggest factors in the equation.

You have to consider the fact that you will be spending a little less than two hours with a salesperson.

This is time that you will not be able to spend at a theme park or enjoying the city.

This is also a time that the salesperson will emphasize the benefits of timeshare ownership.

For those that come in with the intent on becoming a timeshare owner this is a way to get a feel for the specific property and the enjoying a discounted vacation.

If someone does plan on purchasing a timeshare they may decline the initial offer in order to get a better rate on a timeshare.

The idea of vacationing in the same location annually may not be something that interests everyone, but for others the return to their favorite destination is a “dream come true.”

There are now timeshares that allow you to vacation in different states and countries without penalty.

If you are okay with taking two hours away from your vacation time in order to save hundreds of dollars then a timeshare presentation is in your cards.

You may even see the value in purchasing a timeshare that you and your family can use indefinitely.

By Marie Ospina

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