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How to Save Money at Universal Studios

Bursting with minions, Marvel superheroes and vibrant characters from the wonderful imagination of Dr. Seuss, Universal Studios of Orlando offers plenty of opportunity for excitement for everyone in the family.

As a muggle at this unique destination, there are times when it seems as if breaking the bank is completely inevitable.

Fortunately though, here are the top 10 tips for saving money at Universal Studios Orlando.

Buy Your Tickets in Advance

Purchasing your admission tickets in advance rather than at the gates upon arrival will save you at least $20. Another benefit is that when you purchase any multi-day park-to-park ticket online, you will receive a coupon book with up to $150 savings. These coupons can be used towards merchandise, food and much more.

Stay Longer

You may think that staying longer is just going to cost you more money, but in the long run it is actually more affordable.

A three-day ticket to both parks costs about $62 per day, while a single-day ticket costs a whopping $106 for just one day.

Plus, who wouldn't want to spend an extra few days at one of Florida’s best amusement parks?

Skip Valet Parking

Unless you really feel the need to have someone park your car for you, it may be best to skip out on this often unnecessary service.

Daily self-parking will only cost you $14 while valet parking will cost $22.

That is an extra $8 that stays in your pocket!

Meal Plans

A great way to save money on food while at the park is by opting for a meal plan.

These plans will cover the cost for all of your meals.

You'd be surprised how extremely fast individual meals will add up versus the one lump sum of a meal plan.

Bring Your own Food

If a meal plan just doesn’t suit your budget, bring your own food.

Picnic foods, such as sandwiches, chips, cookies and refillable water bottles are all excellent options.

Just take caution when packing along your own meals, because you will want to avoid items that require refrigeration or a microwave to cook.

Save Souvenirs for the Last day

There are tons of awesome items available for sale throughout the park.

Instead of jumping the fence and buying the first souvenir that you see, wait to do so until the last day.

This allows you to take time to decide what you really truly want, which will help reduce the amount of money the you spend on impulse buys.

Pack the Right Items

The weather in Florida has a mind of its own, so it is essential to pack the right items to ensure that you are not suckered into buying a high-priced logo poncho, towel or other clothing item.

Pack according to the weather trends and always bring your poncho because there are several water rides and you never know when a rainstorm will pop up.

Buy Express Passes With Caution

Express passes are great when you are going to be at the park for a single day as they will save you a lot of time from waiting in line.

However, if you will be staying for a few days or are visiting during the slow season, it may be a good idea to skip out on express passes because you’ll already have plenty of time to do whatever you want.

Depending on how many people you are traveling with, this can save hundreds of dollars.

Annual Pass

If you are one of the lucky people who get to visit Universal Orlando more than twice per year, an annual pass will save you loads of cash on admission.

If you are a Florida resident, they are exceptionally affordable.

Take Advantage of Free

Believe it or not, there are also plenty of free things that you can take advantage of.

Some of which include strolling down CityWalk, taking pictures with your favorite characters, or if you're there at the right time, watching the holiday parades.

From entry tickets to food and souvenirs, planning a trip to Universal Studios Orlando can add up fast.

But luckily, taking on the help of the previously listed money saving tips will surely help to drastically cut down on the costs.

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