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Universal Studios is Weight Friendly

One of the biggest concerns of theme park guests is that they will not be able to enjoy the attractions if they are carry some extra weight.

You should note that ride designers take into consideration the fact that not everything is one size fits all.

While the formula for accommodating all guests, while maintaining safety standards, is still being worked on there are a number of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure attractions to enjoy.

The “Fat Police”

If you have been to the parks before or looked up information about fitting on to park rides you may have come across the term “fat police.”

These park workers are not actually targeting or selecting you with the intent of keeping you from the ride.

They want you to enjoy the attraction just as much as you do and in order to do so they are trained to educate guests on any size limitations, hence the test seats they are asking you to try.

Test Seats Help

The easiest way to confirm that you will enjoy an attraction is to head over to the test seats.

There are three categories: green, yellow and red. If you land on green you should have no problems enjoying the ride.

When you move into the yellow range you may need a modified seating arrangement. Red means that you are at a heighted risk of not being able to ride.

If you get a red fitting there is still a chance that you may be able to enjoy the attraction so you should seek final confirmation from a ride operator before crossing it off of your list.

Of all the rides between both parks the only two rides that you may have an issue with are Hollywood Rip Tide Rock-It and Harry Potter.

Other than this you should have very little to worry about when it comes to experiencing the other attractions and shows.

You should also ask the host or greeter about modified seating on the rides since they are available.

Ask For Help

In Hogwarts, for instance, every vehicle offers modified seating; the two outside seats are slightly different.

The restraints have been customized so they don’t need to close as snuggly.

When you pull down on the restraint you should hear it click once, but even if it doesn't click you may need to enlist the help of a ride operator or a family member if the attendant can’t assist you.

You honestly will not be the first person to make such a request so do not feel humiliated if it comes to this.

There are times when you may need to ask to reposition yourself so that you can adjust your midsection or other body parts so the restraint locks in place comfortably.

When in doubt seek out a staff person, they’ll be able to work with you to make sure that you are comfortable and have information on ride restrictions.

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