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Riders Must go Through Metal Detectors

Three rollercoaster’s at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure have tested out the usage of metal detectors at a few of their popular thrill coasters and determined that it is in the best interests of riders and other guests to make them a permanent fixture.

No, this is not to confiscate items from riders or pry into your personal belongings – the goal is to ensure a safer park experience.

Many guests simply forget to take change, cell phones and other items out of their pockets before strapping into The Incredible Hulk and other coasters.

The items become dangerous projectiles when you are traveling at high-speeds.

Less Danger, More Fun

Dragon Challenge, Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket and The Incredible Hulk will continue to require its riders to empty their pockets and go through metal detectors to enjoy the ride.

The change is two-fold; guests will minimize the chance of losing or damaging any personal property that may be in their pockets – cell phones rarely survive the damage caused by a 40-foot drop at high-speeds – and eliminate the chance of a bystander or other rider from being hit by items falling from roller coaster riders.


Lockers are available for rent near the rides, so you are able to safely store anything that may come loose.

You can also have any non-rider friends or family members hold items for you while you enjoy your favorite thrill ride.

While ride attendants initially trusted that riders would empty their pockets the number of lost on riders and injuries due to falling objects have forced the parks to take necessary steps to sustain a safe environment.

A few years ago a park guest was injured when items fell from one of the Dragon Challenge coasters, the man lost an eye as a result of the incident.

Loose change, keys, cell phones and the popularized selfie-sticks are among the items that are prohibited on these rides.

Any loose change left behind at these rides will be donated to Give Kids the World, an area non-profit resort for seriously ill children and their families.

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