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Size Should Not Hold You Back From Enjoying Disney

When planning a trip to Walt Disney World Resort (WDW) you or someone in your party may wonder if they will be able to enjoy everything that someone a bit slimmer can.

The answer is, yes, they can!

Weight-Friendly Rides at Disney

Not everyone has a 27-inch waist and when you get to any of the WDW parks you will find that guests comes in all shapes and sizes.

The Imagineers that have designed the parks and rides are well aware of this and want as many guests as possible to comfortably enjoy as many rides and attractions as their mouse hearts desire.

You will notice that rides use a number of seating types and cast members are trained to make accommodations for guests that may need a little extra room.

 Whether you are 200 or 400+ pounds you will be able to have just as much fun as the kids.

The Seating Challenge

The Great Movie Ride, Ellen's Universe of Energy and Pirates of the Caribbean are a few examples of rides that use bench seats. 

These seats can hold anywhere from two to ten guests and they do not have armrests that will get in the way of larger guests.

Some attractions have individual seats and these are designed to fit guests of all sizes. 

A “test seat” is available near some attractions so you should utilize them to see if you will fit comfortably.

If you encounter a ride that has a seat belt, completely loosen the seat belt out BEFORE you sit down.

You can ask for a seat belt extender when you are being assigned a seat, but they may not be available on all rides.

Don’t be afraid to as a cast member for help if you can’t get the seat belt locked in.

When you come across a lap bar ride you may be asked to share the restraint with other riders.

It is best to ask to be seated in a different row to avoid smaller guests from not getting the full benefit of the security restraint.

Ask a cast member if smaller riders should sit on a specific side of attractions like Big Thunder Mountain since the centrifugal force will send riders to one side of their seat.

If you feel you will be crowded in the row to which you have been assigned, courteously ask to be placed in another row.

Get a Little Walking In Beforehand

You don’t need to train for a marathon, but you may want to spend a little time walking in order to prepare yourself for the miles you will walk through the parks.

In most queues there is no seating so you will be on your feet for a large portion of your time in the theme parks.

An alternative to this is renting an electric scooter.

This will save you from fatigue and get you around the parks in a jiffy.

Remember that the cast members are there to help in any way and they are always friendly and discreet.

By Marie Ospina

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