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Orlando Weather & What to Wear to Disney

Orlando weather can be brutal for those not used to it – blistering hot in the summer, damp and chilly in the winter, and sometimes both all within the same day.

Dressing for a day at Disney should be all about protection from the elements (the sun, the chill, the rain), utility (pockets, pockets, pockets), and comfort (you will be walking… a lot).

While the standard advice on what to wear when you visit the parks might be a simple “shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers”, there are some tips that will help do an even better job of dressing comfortably.

Summer Wear

Light colors are key in the summer time.

Wear white and other colors that will reflect the heat, not draw it to you.

In the summer, wear hats, even if you’re not a hat person.

Baseball caps and larger, floppy hats do an excellent job of keeping you from getting overheated (especially if you have dark hair).

Guests with long hair should also remember to bring hair ties or clips because, by the afternoon, you will definitely want your hair off your neck.

If visiting when temperatures are extremely high (usually July and August), bring an umbrella.

No, not for rain, but for sunlight.

There are times of the year in Florida when all the sunblock in the world will not prevent you from getting sunburnt and heat exhaustion can take hold.

An umbrella offers you a small, permanent patch of shade that can make a huge difference to your day.


Wear sneakers and white socks.

Guests can sometimes get away with sandals and flip-flops, but you run an increased risk of stubbed toes, sore feet, and sunburns (yes, on your feet!)

Don’t wear brand new sneakers.

Wear an older pair.

Walking around Disney is not a great place to break in a pair of shoes that may be pinching your feet.

If the weatherman is saying rain, consider packing a pair of flip-flops in your bag to change into.

Wearing wet sneakers and socks at Disney is a surefire way to get some nasty blisters.

Make sure to pack the following items for your next Disney World vacation.

Costumes at Disney are not allowed except for the following exceptions.

Other Tips & Recommendations

Always bring a couple extra outfits in your luggage in case of emergencies.

You don’t want to have to buy expensive merchandise if you don’t want to just because you need a dry change of clothes.

Guys, consider cargo shorts with lots of pockets.

At Disney, there are always supplies that need to be carried – wallets, tickets, band-aids, keys, etc.

Avoid extremely tight-fitting jeans and shorts.

You’ll be doing a lot of walking and chaffing is not fun.

Winter Wear

When packing, try to choose outfits that you can easily layer.

Florida temperatures can be all over the place, especially during the damp winters (30 degrees in the morning and then 70 in the afternoon).

If it’s chilly in the morning, dress warm and then as the day gets hotter, simply rent a locker to stash your pullovers and jackets.

By Marie Ospina

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