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Where to FInd Carnival Games at Orlando Theme Parks

After scaling Mount Everest, soaring through the sky on a state of the art rollercoaster, and battling 30-foot-high robots, why not enjoy an old-fashioned game of whack-a-mole, ring toss, water guns, or other games of chance?

Carnival games have found a place at Orlando theme parks right alongside some of the biggest, baddest thrill-rides in the country, but where can fans of these carnival-style favorites find them at Orlando theme parks?

The answer is everywhere!

Universal Studios

The latest spot to hit the midway is at Universal Studios, inside the brand new Springfield area.

Modeled after the fictional Krustyland theme park, the new area includes many carny games that have been thoroughly “Simpsonized” such as Whac-a-Rat and Mr. Burns’ Radioactive Rings – a traditional ring-toss game where you can win plush prizes!

There are also plenty of games at Islands of Adventure between Marvel Super Hero Island and Toon Lagoon (rumor has it there will be more later this year near Jurassic Park).

You will also find some carnival fun at SeaWorld near Shamu’s Happy Harbor.


Disney’s Magic Kingdom has both an old-fashioned shooting gallery in Frontierland and a state-of-the-art arcade in Tomorrowland!

By far the best place to win a prize at Disney World, however, is Animal Kingdom at Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama!

Tucked away inside DinoLand U.S.A., you will find several “Fossil Fun” games where you can compete for prehistoric prizes!

Or, for some more traditional family fun, step into the past at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort to enjoy some turn-of-the-century carnival games in this midway arena modeled after Coney Island!

Be sure to stop by these spots during your Orlando vacation.

Who knows, you may score a fun souvenir!

By Marie Ospina

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