How to Save Money on Airfare to Orlando

Orlando is a time for relaxation and fun-filled vacation!

However, an Orlando getaway can cost a pretty penny and it’s become more necessary than ever for vacation-seekers to go bargain hunting.

But being thrifty doesn’t mean having to sacrifice the little luxuries that make Orlando a popular vacation destination

In fact, you can save loads of cash on just one part of your vacation – the thing that is going to eat up the largest chunk of your budget: airfare.

Thankfully, there are some ways you can avoid having your travel expenses limit your fun once you reach your destination.

Book Your Plane Ticket Months in Advance

The closer you get to your date of departure, the higher the rates are going to climb.

Short-notice bookings can cost your family hundreds of dollars.

By booking six months in advance, you can save up to 60% off the airline’s standard ticket price.

Travel on Off Days

Days of the week with the lowest flying traffic usually also have cheaper air fare.

Monday through Thursday have cheaper fares and less crowded airports and planes.

Keep your departure date flexible as you search for flights, as rates can fluctuate wildly from day to day.

While this may snip a day or two off your vacation, the savings can be worth it.

Be Flexible with Your Destination

It can often be cheaper to fly to a nearby city than your actual destination, especially if you’re already planning to rent a car.

For example, if you’re planning to enjoy cities like St. Augustine or Cape Canaveral, it can often be much cheaper to fly into Orlando and drive than to fly into Jacksonville or regional airports (hundreds of dollars cheaper!).

Online Comparison Shopping

Travel sites like Travelocity and Hotwire can genuinely help you bargain hunt for airline tickets that won’t break the bank.

Consider Layovers and Connecting Flights

Layovers are not much fun, but can save your family loads on airfare as flights with connections and layovers are often cheaper than non-stop flights.

While perhaps not recommended for families with several small children, this option can have financial benefits for families able to spend a little downtime in the airport.

Road Trip

If you’re planning on visiting Orlando consider taking a road trip with your family or friends.

Even with high gas prices, this mode of transportation can be cost-effective when traveling with a large party.

While you may spend days travelling, going by car allows you to check out lots of sites and experiences along the way that you might have missed out on had you flown!

Remember, have fun, stay safe, and have a happy getaway!

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