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Baggage Thefts and How to Avoid Them

Orlando International & Miami International Airport are now in the spotlight for something doesn't paint a very good picture for airport security.

According to a story by ABC News, Miami International Airport was ranked #1 in TSA theft firings between 2002 and 2011.

Orlando International Airport came in at # 11 in the country.

This is a black eye for TSA and airport security as a whole.

The (Transportation Security Administration) TSA is responsible for passenger security and freight transportation in the United States.

Baggage Protection Tips

The first thing you can do is place your electronics and other valuable items in a carryon bag.

If you can avoid checking your bag in, that's best.

Keep your belongings like wallets and purses in sight at all times.

This lessens the chance of someone walking away with them.

Once they have been inspected, you can easily sit down and look through the bag to ensure the items are still there.

If you find that something is missing from your bags; find a supervisor and report the disappearance immediately.

Be careful not to cause an alarm to go off at the checkpoint.

By giving the TSA agents a reason to suspect you have something illegal in your possession; they have the right to open your bags for further inspection.

This is an opportune time for your belongings to be taken.

Write down the serial numbers to your electronics or turn on your locator devices, this will make your valuables easier to locate in case of theft.

Try purchasing a TSA approved lock that alerts you if someone has been in your bags.

Some companies offer these locks for extra protection when traveling.

Some TSA agents have been known to open luggage and replace the locks so the passenger never knew their bags had been tampered with.

At The Airport

Outside of the TSA thefts, be careful about where you sit your bags down at in the airport.

If the opportunity presents itself, your valuables can be lifted from your custody quickly and the perpetrator out of the airport before you realize the theft has taken place.

Check into getting insurance for your personal property before your flight.

This can at least help you to replace items if they are taken.

Orlando International & Miami International airports are some of the best and busiest airports in the United States.

Due to the recent thefts at the airport by TSA agents; you should use caution when having your bags checked.

By taken steps like keeping your valuables in sight at all times, avoiding checking your bags if possible, inspect your bags after a search, and choose a lock that alerts you if your bags have been tampered with.

You will be giving yourself the best chance at not become a victim of these types of thefts.

Just remember, you must still be careful of theft and take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

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