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Apollo Saturn V Center Bus Tour From Orlando

The Saturn V rocket was an indispensible part of the Apollo lunar program.

At the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex you can take a bus tour that will take you to the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Along the way you will take a driving tour of Kennedy Space Center (KSC), previously used launch pads and new construction taking place a the space center.

The tours leave every 15 minutes, with the last tour of the day departing at 3:30pm.

This is a tour that you do not want to miss, since it’s included in your admission there is no reason to forgo this treat.

The bus ride lasts about 15-20 minutes and is quite informative.

Grab a seat on the left side of the bus to snap photos that are being mentioned by the highly informative driver that is shuttling you to the center.

On this tour, you will stand under the most powerful rocket that has flown successfully.

Mission Control Center

As you enter KSC you will be greeted by the Mission Control Center.

Millions of people have seen this building featured in their favorite space related movies.

As you are guided through the center be sure to take note of all the relics that are waiting for future launches.

While the reporters’ building sits empty you can picture slews of reporters scrambling about the building as the countdown clocks to past launches ticked away.

Just a bit further away you will see the newest additions, the launch pad that is being built for future human space travel from KSC.

Entering The Facility

As the bus makes its way out of KSC you will find that you are not far from the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Once you make it here remember to thank your driver, you may have a different one on your return trip.

The next think that you want to do is enter the facility.

You will come face to face with the actually desks and machines in mission control that helped build these shuttles into space.

In this stadium style room you will watch a liftoff take place, behind you the windows will shudder and various updates will appear as the rocket attempts to exit our atmosphere.

Once you enter the main corridor of the center you are greeted by Saturn V.

Not only was she the only vessel to transport humans beyond our lower orbit, she was also used to launch the Skylab space station.

At 363-feet tall, she is pretty hard to miss along the entirety of the main corridor.


Set your camera to panoramic mode if you want to try and get a complete photo of her.

Crew patches from all Apollo missions hang alongside the rocket as proudly as a parent placing an honor roll sticker on their car bumper.

Here you can touch a real moon rock, this is the only place in the world that you can be assured that it’s the real thing.

Other items such as reentry capsules, captain’s logs, stories and lunar samples can be found here.

There is an abundance of history held in this center and well worth the bus trip and tour.

By Marie Ospina
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