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Chocolate Kingdom at Old Town USA

Do you take any chance you can get to devour the creamy confection?

If you are in Central Florida then a must-see for you is Chocolate Kingdom, Kissimmee Florida’s premier chocolate tour and shop.

Open Monday – Sunday, with 45-minute tours running every hour from 12pm to 6pm, Chocolate Kingdom is your chance to find out a cacao bean’s journey from the tropical tree to your mouth!

Guided Tour

A knowledgeable guide leads every tour and a prince with his dragon sidekick, who ensures even the youngest tour participants will pay attention!

Make your way through a cacao greenhouse, a chocolate museum, witness a Mystical River of Chocolate, and observe a bean-to-bar process.

You can even take advantage of the option to customize your own bar of chocolate – or choose from already produced sweets at the end of your tour.

Not only is Chocolate Kingdom a great place to visit for a tour, but they even host special events like group tours and birthday parties.

Can you imagine having a party where you get to make your own chocolate treats – right after seeing exactly how the chocolate is produced?

Kids ages 9-14 even have a chance to attend summer camp at Chocolate Kingdom, where they learn the history of chocolate, production, and techniques used when making and decorating with chocolate.

Prices & Hours

Advanced reservations for tours are recommended, but not required.

Call 407-705-3475 to check availability.

Adult tour prices are $16.95, and kids 4-12 are $12.95.

Chocolate Kingdom is located in Kissimmee, at Old Town USA.

If you get a chance to visit, don’t forget to bring your appetite!

By Marie Ospina
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