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Hard Knocks Combat Sports Facility

Innovative new combat sports facility center Hard Knocks has opened a new location at Pointe Orlando, right on International Drive.

The first of its kind, Hard Knocks is much more than just laser tag.

The facility features a fully immersive experience, complete with multiple urban-themed arenas, a multitude of weapon models, and over 70 separate combat missions.

Aimed at recreational guests, corporate team building events, birthday parties, youth summer camps, and even law enforcement training, it’s perfect for gifts and group outings.

Themed Arenas

The large themed arenas range from office and house settings to an abandoned warehouse and a coliseum.

In keeping with Hard Knocks’ realistic theme, participants in missions can choose from weapons modeled after commercial handguns, shotguns, rifles, and machine guns.

Combat Missions

Combat missions have plenty of different objectives to aim for, including rescuing hostages, defusing bombs, and eradicating the enemy.

Combat mission experiences at Hard Knocks feel more realistic than any laser tag location, and everything from the reception to the “armory” at the facility will make you feel like you’re heading out on a real mission.

Conveniently located at Pointe Orlando, Hard Knocks hopes to attract both locals and residents to its new flagship facility.

Hard Knocks is open to group events (advanced reservations required) and walk-in guests.

Visitors should be at least 8 years old or 50 inches tall to participate in missions.

Individual and group pricing varies based on a number of factors.


Hard Knocks
9101 International Dr #2300
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 542-8785

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By Marie Ospina
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