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Hang Out With Beyonce & Vin Diesel

The newest Madame Tussauds International Drive attraction joins the long list of Madame Tussaud’s wax museums around the world.

It is part of the I-Drive 360 entertainment and dining complex.

Opening date is May 4. 

Eight Celebrity and Star Zones

The museum is separated into eight zones.

This makes it easier to locate the celebrities and stars that you want to see first.

Chat it up with Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara and show off your Apple devices with Steve Jobs.

Now, unless your name is Blue Ivy or Jay-Z your chances of taking a close-up photo with Beyonce are pretty slim so you have to take advantage of this opportunity.

This is the best place to take photos that are certain to be the take of your trip.

More Than Wax Figures

In the Film Zone you will be taken on a guided tour through filmmaking history.

Learn more about Marie Tussaud and explore her past and discover the dark beginnings of the wax museum.

Hint, it has to do with the French Revolution.

You can feel actual celebrity hand casts and then test yourself on everything that you have learned in a fun touch screen quiz.

You can even have your hand cast in wax to remember your visit to Madame Tussauds.

The Process to Perfect the Statue

When Madame Tussauds artists create a wax statue they spend a large amount of time ensuring everything is correct, down to each hair on a person’s head.

To create a perfect wax statue it is a standard to take more than 150 measurements of the each person’s face and another 100 body measurements.

Artists then create a clay statue that is used to make the mold for the final wax figure.

Once the final statue is created the painting and detailing process begins.

During this time everything from tattoo application and hairs are added.

The meticulous work done by these artists leaves us with a statue that is almost impossible to discern from the person they are replicating.

This museum is a great way to get all the selfies you want with famous icons past and present.

Pre-sale tickets are now available and the only way to guarantee you will make it in on the day that you want.

By Marie Ospina
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