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Come Within Arms Reach of the Space Shuttle Atlantis

It’s not everyday that you come within a few feet of a space shuttle that has orbited the Earth for over 25 years.

When you visit Kennedy Space Center, and specifically the Atlantis Exhibit, this fantasy becomes a reality.

When you enter the building you walk to an upper level doorway where a countdown clock ticks away.

In only a few minutes you will experience more than you can imagine.

Compilation Video

An introduction and compilation video on all things Atlantis is played to you and your fellow tour mates.

What comes next is amazing!

After the video the screen turns starry.

You begin to wonder what is going to come next.

A room full of Atlantis memorabilia, a nostalgic tale from astronauts who flew on this shuttle or a replica tour of the space shuttle?

You only have a few moments to consider the options before the screen becomes transparent and you catch a glimpse of a space shuttle peering back at you.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit

Almost instantaneously the screen rises and you are standing in front of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Although the exhibit does not allow you to physically touch the shuttle you feel as though you are floating in space just outside of it as you look into it’s cargo bay and other compartments.

As you walk beyond the shuttle you will encounter mock cockpits and other space related virtual activities that you can try.

Some of the more adventurous activities are the space tube connector crawls and space-landing slide.

Both of these activities are child friendly.

As you take the slide, stairs or elevator (lift) to the lower level you enter a totally different component of Atlantis.

You can enter mock lavatories and check out what the communal and living quarters of those aboard the shuttle was like.

After this you must wander over to the Space Shuttle Experience.

Moving Simulator

Just beyond the entrance there are free lockers available to store your belongings.

Make sure that any loose items and bags are stored there before heading into the line.

Once in line you will have your photo taken, which knows what will come of this photo.

The Space Shuttle Experience puts you into the cockpit of a shuttle during liftoff.

Remember that this is a moving simulator, which turns approximately 90 degrees during your experience.

You want to secure yourself snuggly before your adventure begins; as there is no chance to abort the mission once you have taken off into space.

The simulator is great and you should experience the same type of launch that those aboard Atlantis felt for 25 years.

After you have successfully made it into orbit you will land and disburse into an area where you can purchase your astronaut photo and test out operating various Atlantis components and completing shuttle assignments.

As you exit through the gift shop, be sure to pick up some Atlantis memorabilia.

This workhorse has carried over 150 individuals into orbit and traveled over 125 million miles during her tenure at Kennedy Space Center and has the reentry marks to prove it!

Daily sightseeing tours are available from  Orlando area hotels.

This is the standard space shuttle suit that astronauts wear. #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips
This is the standard space shuttle suit that astronauts wear.
At this virtual Docking Station you can attempt to doc a space shuttle. Remember there is zero gravity - slowing the shuttle down is a hard task! #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips Once you exit the Shuttle Launch Experience you can try out multiple virtual activities related to the space shuttle and space station. #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips Have fun on a spacewalk using the clear suspended tubes. This activity is suitable for adults and children. #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips When you try out the virtual activities crowds may gather to watch and cheer you on. #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips The NASA space program is committed to being a leader in space exploration #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips There is a lot of information about the history of the space program. Take some time to read about if while moving between exhibits and activities. #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips A spacewalk awaits you. Just slip off your shoes and you are ready to crawl your way around a replicated space station corridor. #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips Check out the control panel inside the replica flight deck. #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips There is a replica flight deck for you to explore. Inside you will find seating and working switches to play with #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips Astronomer, Carl Sagan′s quote rings true to most of us. When you look up at the sky you sometimes wonder what exactly is out there. Space exploration is slowly answering the questions for us #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips The flight deck section of the Space Shuttle Atlantis #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips The entrance to the Atlantis Shuttle Exhibit #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips Getting a space shuttle into orbit takes a lot of fuel. The entrance has a true to size replica fuel tank system. #SpaceShuttleAtlantis #OrlandoSightseeingTrips

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