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AntiGravity Orlando
Talented professionals put on a remarkable display of strength and acrobatic ability.
Unbelievable tricks are performed whilst hanging high in the air, truly defying gravity.
The shows have received fantastic reviews and you cannot fail to be enthralled.

Blue Man Group Universal Orlando
The minute you walk in the door, become part of a live show of experimental music and a celebration of art and technology.

Blue Springs State Park
As a designated manatee refuge site, riverboat rides and canoe trips are the most popular events in Blue Springs State Park.
The warm, crystal clear waters make this area a paradise for swimmers, snorkelers, and certified scuba divers.

Central Florida Zoo
Open Daily 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day
3755 NW Highway 17-92 (at Interstate 4, exit 104), Sanford, Florida.

Characters in Flight
Characters in Flight is a tethered helium balloon ride located on the west side of Downtown Disney.
The attraction is similar to a hot air balloon ride, except you are moored to the ground at all times.

Chocolate Kingdom
If you are in Central Florida then a must-see for you is Chocolate Kingdom, Kissimmee Florida's premier chocolate tour and shop.

CSI Exhibit
Visitors will have the chance to experience how it feels like to examine evidences and connect facts in order to get the answers that you want to help solve the crime.

Dave and Buster's
What sets Dave & Buster's apart from other dining venues are their entertainment zones.
Eat and play at Dave & Buster's.
Entree prices range between $10 and $15.

Daytona USA
1801 W International Speedway Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL

Dinosaur World
Take part in a dig, the opportunity to conduct a search, and discover how a paleontologist investigates "ancient life".

Downtown Orlando Ghost Tours
Ghost hunters trek through downtown Orlando on a two-hour walking tour.
You'll visit to a haunted building where participants conduct a paranormal investigation.

Fantasy of Flight
Aviation-themed attraction that takes visitors back to Early Flight, World War I, World War II and beyond.
Experience the history of Aviation as you stroll through Early Flight, WWI & WWII in our multi-sensory Sight & Sound Immersion Experiences.
Discover rare pieces of aviation history as you tour our hangars filled with the World's Largest Private Aircraft Collection.

Hours of Operation
Open daily 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. We are open rain or shine.
MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted.
Gatorland is located on Hwy 441 at the Orlando-Kissimmee line in South Orlando. Only 15-20 minutes away from Walt Disney World, Sea World and the Orlando International Airport.

Hard Knocks Combat Simulation
Is a combat style simulation using realistic looking weapons. Some of the weapons that are available for use during the Hard Knocks combat simulations include the following: Handguns, Shotguns, P-90s, Mac-10s, Assault weapons and Claymores.

Harry P. Leu Gardens
Miles of paved scenic walkways that take you through garden settings include a Butterfly garden.

Holy Land Experience
At Orlando's newest experience, we'll take you back im time to an extraordinary place - the Holy Land! As you explore first-century Jerusalem, you'll discover the awesome splendor of King Herod's 6-story-high Temple. At the end of Via Dolorosa Path™ pause for reflection at Calvary's Garden Tomb™ where Christ conquered death. In the Wilderness Tabernacle™ behold a replica of the sacred, lost Ark of the Covenant! And don't miss our fascinating Jerusalem model, Theater of Life™ and middle-eastern cuisine at the Oasis Cafe!

I Fly Orlando Indoor Skydiving
This fun venue, a vertical stationary structure visible from Universal Blvd and International Drive, offers a tweaked, stress free skydiving expeditions. There is no jumping from an aircraft.
Excitement, adrenaline and adventure - iFLY offers it all in the flight experience of a lifetime.

Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Center is located 45 minutes east of Orlando.
Nowhere else can you see, touch and hear more about the workings of America's space-craft built to travel to the moon more than 30 years ago.

King's Bowl Luxury Lanes
King's Bowl is a 30,000 square foot facility featuring gaming, dining, dancing, and a sports bar with 60” HDTVs.
It has a full regulation size outdoor bocce ball court, four full size billiards tables, and 22 bowling lanes.

Kissimmee Rodeo Arena
Kissimmee Rodeo Arena hosts bull riding, barrel racing, bronco racing, and roping competitions.
Rodeo events are held at the venue rain or shine, and are open to local competitors.

Lakeridge Winery and Vineyard
Nearly every month sees one-of-a-kind events at Lakeridge Winery.
Summer and Winter Music Festivals, Jazz and Blues; music is a big part of Lakeridge.

Kennedy Space Center Sightseeing Tours
Your first stop will be the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame where you discover the heroes of the Last Frontier: Outer Space.

Mama's Comedy Show
Mama's Comedy show is based off of audience suggestions, so each performance is completely different.
This improv is recommended for mature audiences only and brands itself as "comedy for grown ups".

You can swim with the dolphins here for a lot less than Seaworld's Discovery Cove which is usually sold out 6 months in advance.

Machine Gun America
Machine Gun America (MGA) is a 13,000 square foot facility that offers high-tech simulations and much more!
Note that person firearms are not allowed in the facility, you may only use ammunition and weapons owned by MGA.

Old Town Kissimmee
Old Town is Central Florida's highest-ranked FREE admission attraction.
75 specialty shops, 8 restaurants and weekend car cruises make Old Town an affordable entertainment zone for all.

Orlando Science Center
Orlando Science Center is one of the leading science center in America.
Four floors of exciting exhibits, in-house programs, laboratories, giant screen films - planetarium shows at the 300 seat
Dr. Phillips CineDome, demonstrations at the 250 seat Darden Adventure theatre.

The Republic an Interactive Experience
The mystique of The Republic game begins when you purchase your tickets.
You are informed that you will receive the location of the venue a couple days before.

Ripley's Believe it or Not
Ripley's is a museum that holds interesting spectacles. Mr. Ripley has traveled all over the world collecting items that are just not normal, to put it nicely. However, this does create an interesting learning experience for those of us who have never been to many countries, especially where a donkey is the main mode of transportation.

Silver Spurs Rodeo
Events at the Silver Spurs Rodeo include all the classics: bull riding, bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, tie-down roping, a calf scramble and clowns.

Titanic Exhibit
This exhibit features full scale recreation of the actual rooms and interiors of the ship as it was especially redesigned by RMS Titanic Inc .

WhirleyDome is a fully mechanized team sport. WhirleyBugs are faster and more maneuverable than traditional bumper cars. Like football or basketball, the red team defends their backboard, while attempting to toss their whiffle ball through the yellow backboard.

Visitors will experience the trembling of earthquakes,be blown away by hurricane-force winds and surround themselves with some of the most unique virtual reality experiences available anywhere in the United States.
The most eye-catching feature of WonderWorks is the attraction's dramatic exterior, a four-story tall, classically-designed building that appears to have landed, upside down, atop a 1930s era brick warehouse.
WonderWorks is a fun-filled interactive center featuring a myriad of hands-on experiences and activities. The exhibits utilize some of the most sophisticated graphic and audio presentation techniques available. Activities range from a realistic, simulated earthquake to virtual reality. Throughout WonderWorks, you will actively participate in some of the most imaginative displays and exhibits found in any facility in the United States.

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