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Fun Spot

The Orlando Tourist Information Bureau has determined an overwhelming majority of vacationing families, teenagers and locals prefer Fun Spot Action Park located about a mile sorth of the Belz Outlet Mall off I-4 at exit 30 look for the Big Wheel.

Fun Spot Action Park is probably the biggest,best, most exciting and the greatest midway type value for the budget minded in the International Drive Resort Area.

Birthday and group functions are also available.

We recommend that you visit Fun Spot Action Park.

Fun Spot

Fun Spot Video

Unique Tracks

QUAD HELIX - over 1600 ft
4 corkscrews
25 degree banked descending curve

Blue CONQUEST - over 1000 ft long
3 level corkscrew

THRASHER Road Course track is 800 ft of the most challenging ride in
the whole park.

COMMANDER track is 800 ft multi level track and features

Family Thrill Rides

  • Revolver Ferris Wheel
  • Bumper Kars
  • Bumper Boats
  • Paratrooper
  • Spinning Spider
  • 1001 Nachts


  • 10,000 square foot air-conditioned Winners Circle Arcade
  • Best Simulators
  • Best Video
  • Best Pinball games
  • "Play All Day" Program for only $6

Kid Spot

  • Kids 6 and under
  • Americana Carousel
  • Kiddie Swings
  • Panda Bears
  • El Paso Train
  • Boss Super Trucks
  • Teacups
  • Frog Hopper.

Oasis Snack Bar

  • Pizza
  • Quality foods
  • Drinks

Fun Spot Review:
By Joy Atkinson
(Summer Intern)

Located conveniently off of International Drive(Interstate 4 & Kirkman road behind Exxon & Office Depot}on Grand National in Orlando, Fun Spot is an action packed park. The are thrill rides, kiddie rides, and an arcade all in one location. There is no admission! That could never be said about most other amusement parks.

Since there is no admission into the park, parents can go in with their children and watch them ride without having to pay for that enjoyment. While the kids get to ride go-carts and ride a variety of rides, mom and dad can watch from the side. An additional benefit is the option buying individual tickets to ride choice rides through buying a wristband for all day enjoyment. Purchasing a wristband allows unlimited rides on all the attractions. There are plenty rides to keep one busy to get your money's worth out of the band.

There are four different go-cart tracks at Fun Spot. Each one is different from the rest. The green track is a good beginner track. It has a nice size hill and some fun turns. The red is what I would call a good turning lesson track. Full of 180-degree turns that allowed me to learn just how good these go-carts have the ability to turn. The blue track has the most climatic terrain. As you wind your way up the track you soon find yourself above a huge hill. A hill on a go-cart ride!! Who would have ever thought it would be so much fun? Something I had never done before and something that I have now done multiple times. Finally, the yellow go-cart track is called the quad-helix because of all the figure 8's that it makes. It is the longest of the tracks. If a child is to little to drive a go-cart, they have the option of going in a 2 seater. The adult will drive and the child 'looks' like they are driving. A 2-seater go-cart is also a great ride for 2 friends because it allows a different aspect of adventure and thrills.

There are other amusements such as bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, bumper boats, a carousel, kiddie rides, and more. These are a nice change for when a break is needed from driving go-carts. The park closes as midnight. A wristband is good all day. You can come and go as you please from the park. As long as you keep the wristband on, you can continue to ride. A nice option if you have made dinner plans. I went out to dinner, then came back. However, there is food at Fun Spot, which is very convenient.

Not only are there amusement rides, but there is also a 2 story arcade palace. Full of the newest, greatest, and ticket winning games. Upstairs they have a free arcade. Pay $5.25 and you get to play those games all day long. Downstairs, they have a redemption center for any tickets you earned while playing ski ball, demolition, or other's. If you desire to earn tickets, the games will say that you can earn them on them. There are plenty of acing and interactive games. I sat and turned the Jet Ski to make it turn as I raced to earn first place. My personal favorite was there, air hockey. I challenged my roommate to a game. That game never gets old.

Word of the wise; decide before hand how much time you want to spend here. It's amazing how much time flies while you are there

Birthday Parties and Group Outings

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