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Kennedy Space Center Sightseeing Tour From Orlando

Tour # 1

Adult age 12 + : $99
Child ages 3-11 : $89
Transportation only : $59

Visit the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex to learn everything about space travel!

Your sightseeing tour includes admission to the complex and the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

Once there guests will receive a short video presentation followed by a welcome meet and greet by an ASTRONAUT!

The Astronaut will welcome our guests to the Kennedy Space Center and give them some hints and tips of ways to ensure they enjoy their day.

There is no charge for this astronaut meet and greet.

If for any reason the meet and greet cannot be provided on a specific date there would be no refund for not receiving the meet and greet.

A professional driver guide and round trip transportation from the Orlando, Kissimmee and Disney areas.

U.S. Astronaut Hall Of Fame

The U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame is your first stop.

The Hall aims to shed light on the more personal side of the space program.

Founded in 1990, it is 37,500 square feet and is currently overseen by the Mercury Seven and U.S. Space Came foundations.

Each year, a new group of astronauts is added to the Hall of Fame.

Members include notable astronauts from NASA's 50 + year history like Alan Shepard, John Glenn, Sally Ride and more.

The Hall of Fame is also home to the largest collection of astronaut personal memorabilia, along with space suits and other artifacts from various space missions.

Visitors can take part into the "Astronaut Adventure" activity room where they can strap themselves to feel the moon gravity and have a taste of the famous "Moon Smell" display that recreates the odor of moon dust.

IMAX Theatres

Included with general admission to the Kennedy Space Center is admission to two IMAX space films.

The center is home to the only back-to-back twin IMAX theatres in the world that are both 5 1/2 stories tall and feature state-of-the-art sound.

The movies consist of dramatic real-time footages from different missions, especially of the Apollo mission.

The large IMAX screens transport you from your seat to outer space as films feature actual footage from various space missions over the past 50 years.

3D technology allows you to get even closer to the stars, and you're immersed in an otherworldly experience.

Films run throughout the day and snacks and drinks are available in the theater lobby.

It is one of the best tourist attractions in the Kennedy Space Center.

Space Station 3D Narrated By Tom Cruise

The Tom Cruise narrated documentary features actual footage from NASA astronauts and cosmonauts during their missions to the station.

220 miles above the Earth's surface, life on the space station is chronicled in detail as viewers step into the shoes of astronauts.

It also lets the viewers join the crew of astronauts traveling around the International Space Station while glancing and enjoying the exhilarating views of the universe.

In the film, cameras accompany cosmonauts and astronauts on space walks, blasting off from Earth and as they float weightlessly through the space station.

Enhanced by 3D technology, the film is a visual spectacle as well as a testament to the dedication and bravery of all those involved.

Walking on the Moon Narrated By Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks narrates this moving film, which showcases NASA's Apollo moon mission in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The film utilizes rare NASA footage, photographs, and with computer animated renderings to transport viewers from their seats to the lunar surface.

Both sentimental and inspiring, Walking on the Moon touches on the thoughts and experiences of some of the 12 brave astronauts who had the opportunity to walk on the moon from their speeches and writings.

The film also looks to the possible future of lunar exploration and will inspire a new generation to look up at the sky and dream of a day when we can once again visit the moon.

NASA Bus Tour

The NASA Bus tour guides you all over NASA's facilities and featured spots.

The NASA Bus Tour is the best way to view all of the major highlights of the Kennedy Space Center.

The informative tour guide leads you to the major sites.

Stops include the Kennedy Space Center, Rocket Garden, U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, Space Shuttle Atlantis display, Shuttle Launch headquarters and more.

These stops will provide an in-depth overview of the U.S. space program from past to present.

You'll also be able to view priceless rockets, shuttles, modules, space suits and transport vehicles used on various space missions over the past 50 years.

Other highlights of the tour include excellent photo opportunities of the space center and launch pads.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long is the excursion?
10 hours

What time do we arrive and return to Orlando?
Times are approximate and based on traffic conditions
Departs Orlando at approx: 8.45AM
Arrive KSC Visitor Complex at approx. 10.00AM
Depart KSC at approx. 4:00PM if the guest wishes to go to the Astronaut Hall of Fame (not on Mondays / Thursdays)
Arrival at AHOF (Astronaut Hall of Fame) at approx. 16:15PM
Depart KSC Visitor Complex.
17:30PM or 5pm dependent on closure time of facility.
OR depart AHOF at approx. 5:15pm - 5:45PM dependent of closure time of facility; guests choice.

What is included?
Round-trip Transportation
Admission Ticket
Narrated & Guided Tour of Visitors Center
Astronaut Meet and Greet
NASA Bus Tour
2 Imax Theatres
Visit to the Astronaut Hall of Fame

What is not included?
Food, drinks (readily available at the KSC Complex) & gratuities.

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Kennedy Space Center sightseeing tours from Orlando run daily.

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