Capone's Dinner and Show

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Only at our legendary speakeasy and cabaret can your gang experience a journey back in time to 1930 Gangland Chicago. Knock three times at the secret door, give the secret password, and discover the mysterious world of Capone's Dinner and Show. Our original musical comedy revue is sure to have your gang talking the talk, walking the walk, and singing the songs.

New Show! After a 15-year successful run, Capone's is proud to present an all-new sequel! After a 15-year successful run, Capone's Dinner and Show is proud to present a sequel. Fan favorites Miss Jewel, Bunny-June and Fingers Salvatorio all return in this hilarious show. Great new characters are sure to delight your whole gang, Capone's is proud to introduce Honey, Sunny and Bugs Moran.

Prohibition hasn't been repealed yet and Al Capone is Chicago's finest distiller of bootleg spirits. Miss Jewel is your lovely and talented hostess for the festivities. Bunny-June and her sisters Honey and Sunny are not only some of the windy city's finest singers and dancers, they're gorgeous too! Fingers Salvatorio is one of the goofiest mobsters you'll ever meet. Beware though, Bugs Moran is trying to take over the speakeasy and fireworks are sure to follow. Flashy period costumes, action, adventure and comedy are always on the menu at Capone's Dinner&Show. Brand new sets, lighting and sound system will add even more spectacle to our one-of-a-kind speakeasy and cabaret. Be sure and save a night for Capone's - you'll be glad you did!

Every night is a special night at Capone's Dinner and Show and we're open every night of the year. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and engagements (marriage proposals are encouraged make your engagement night a night she'll never forget) any occasions are bound to be better at Capone's Dinner and Show.

Mama Capone's Menu

Each night Mama Capone prepares a real Italian Feast plus a few American favorites for Al's guests.
Eat hearty - Mama Capone don't want no one going hungry! Served buffet style - eat all you like!

  • bread sticks
  • chicken nuggets
  • French fries
  • meatballs
  • marinara sauce
  • spaghetti
  • baked ziti
  • deep dish Chicago-style cheese and pepperoni pizza
  • meat lasagna

NEW! Salad bar filled with fresh seasonal veggies & toppings!

  • Italian sausage, peppers and onions
  • dressing
  • turkey gravy
  • beef gravy
  • mashed potatoes
  • mixed vegetables

NEW! Fresh hot meat carving station featuring:

  • roast turkey
  • steak
  • herb and cheese-stuffed roasted pork tenderloin



Capone's Dinner and Show, Kissimmee, Florida, is inspirited from the 1930 Chicago, a time of prohibition, gangs, speakeasy bars, stripteases, guarded doors,and damnation. Capone's is the place to journey back to the most incredible time in history for a few hours. The decor is nostalgic style with a hint of extravagance and flamboyance. A collection of swanky period art, pulled together with pieces from the era, such as "the safe", a copper still and a few other unique vintage items. The chandiller over the staircase added the light taste of distinction. This modern day speakeasy is far from some back road dive.

The on the lam staff is made up with quite distinctive characters; thugs with bad attitudes but good intentions.They swing the slang with amusing punch lines, dress in sharp period threads to impress, also cater to every needs and wants throughout the dinner and show. Never out of character these serving performers ensured patrons' inclusiveness with a twist of whine.
With slang running rampant and soft music in the background, the wild yet cozy mood is set in this snazzy establishment.

The buffet is the cat's pajamas.
The dinner menu offers a large selection of tasty items.
Just great food and drink galore.

The show and the cast are swell too. The hoo-ha and troubles on the stage plays out with flashy costumes, surprising events, as well as emphasis on hot expressive songs of the day, and flapper quick dance steps.
The keen story line is a dilly, full of excitement and pizzazz.

A powerful skit is performed between acts. It proves to wow and slays patrons into up the wall fits of belly shaking laughter.
A test of Improv at its best, far from off the cob and delivered full of moxie.

The passing encounters between the stage cast, performing servers and patrons set a friendly tone of amusing excitement.

Relax in the lap of comic relief, indulge in chuckles, giggles, and out loud laughter, as the musical caper unfolds and takes you to a step back in the risky underworld of the 1930s. A spirited respite from you everyday dinner show, a place to rejuvenate, unwind and celebrate with family and friends. No need to put on the high hat or tog to the bricks.
Dress is casual and hip to the jive .

Capone's is worth every clam and then some.

Marie Ospina
Capt., USAFR Ret

When you get to the door at Capone′s you′re greeted by a wise guy named Buggs Moran. #CaponesDInnerShow
When you get to the door at Capone′s you′re greeted by a wise guy named Buggs Moran. #CaponesDInnerShow
Every seat at Capone's Dinner Show offers a great view of this exciting performance. #CaponesDInnerShow Bunny and her sisters take the stage and take you with them to the gun slinging days in Chicago. #CaposneDInnerShow The Capone's Dinner Show is held in a large venue that has space for parties both large and small. Every seat has a great view of the stage. #CaponesDInnerShow After the show the cast at Capone's give you an opportunity to take a few photos to remember your night. #CaponesDInnerShow Honey, Sunny and Bunny are a trio of sister that take you on a race paced ride through their life in the 1920's. #CaponesDInnerShow You may notice that you servers run off for a moment only to see that they've actually joined the show on stage. That's right, they're also part of the show! #CaponesDInnerShow You could even be one of the lucky guests to be pulled on stage to take part in the action. #CaponesDInnerShow Your servers aren't just there to bring you drinks and make sure your evening goes according to plan, they're also gun totting wise guys who are always in character. #CaponesDInnerShow You'll make the front page of the paper at Capone's. It appear that you have been named and arrested for your crime family involvement! #CaponesDInnerShow Pineapples? Yes, you aren′t seeing an optical illusion. This prop actually has something quite comical hidden inside. #CaponesDInnerShow


Winner of AOL's Best of City Themed Restaurants

"My husband and I visited Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday. Thank you so much for such a wonderful time! We haven't laughed as much as we did Saturday night! Keep up the great work, and I'll try to get a gang of us together to visit again!" - Barb&Ed

"...many dinner theatres regardless of how good they are, tend to have very similar programs: Large arena style halls with spectacular theme shows and everyone gets the same meal. Capone's tends to take a more intimate, audience participation, approach to the show and has a greater emphasis on the food and variety thereof... I found Capone's style to be a breath of fresh air.. I would go back to Capone's again for sure. Between the many choices of wonderful food and a fun show that makes you really feel a part of the theatre." - Justin Crittenden, Entertainment Critic, The Reporter

"...just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much my family and I enjoyed your dinner show last month while visiting Orlando. Over the years we have been to the area several times and have seen almost all of the area dinner shows. Yours was hands down the best we have seen. The food was excellent, the cost very reasonable and the show itself was fantastic. My kids and I had an absolute blast and will be sure to do it again the next time we visit. I'm sure to tell anyone I know that is heading to Orlando to see your great show. Thank you." - Doug M.

"Wholesome, heartwarming Even at full price you will get your moneys worth." - Dick Kerekes, Theater Critic, 1st Coast Entertainer

Special Offers

To celebrate the momentous occasion of our brand new show, Capone's is proud to announce an all-new Prize Surprise! Over a hundred fabulous prizes a week will be awarded to our lucky guests. You could win Capone's logo merchandise, attraction tickets or even hotel stays. It's our party, but you get the presents! Don't miss all the fun - only at Capone's Dinner and Show!

On Thanksgiving Day we offer a traditional menu including roast turkey, ham, and all the trimmings. We also start our Christmas show running from Thanksgiving Day through December 31st. On New Years Eve we offer two shows -an early bird show, and our second show which includes champagne toast at midnight. D.J. and dancing after the show and much more.

50% Off Capone's Dinner Show Coupon

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