Medieval Times Dinner Show & Tournament

4510 W.(192) Irlo Brionson Hwy
Kissimmee Fl 34742

At Medieval Times Dinner Show in Kissimmee, you'll step back in time to an exciting evening of quality, family entertainment based upon the glory of the Middle Ages.

You will be treated like the noblest Lord or Lady of the realm and be served a royal feast, in the traditional manner (four-course 'Medieval-Style' dinner).

Start your adventure by entering an 11th century style castle to be greeted by King Alfonso and Queen Inez.

Once inside the Grand Ceremonial Arena, you'll feast on a medieval banquet served in true medieval pre-silverware fashion by serfs and wenches.

As the show begins, you'll witness spectacular pageantry and exquisite equestrian drills performed by beautiful Andalusian Stallions.


Fearless Knights Battle

A place where knights battle for their kingdom's honor.

Fearless Knights and heroic horses meet in the center of your arena, so you can experience the ultimate test of horsemanship & bravery.

The battle grows as the two warriors fight for the honor of the king and their kingdom.

In the end, only one knight will stand victorious.

This worthy champion has restored peace to the kingdom and earned the adoration of the noble guests

Medieval Life is next door is a living museum of medieval history that showcases an assortment of artisans and crafts including: coppersmiths, weavers, potters and blacksmiths - all in an authentic medieval setting.


Medieval Times Dinner Show Menu

  • Warm garlic bread
  • Warm and flavorful creamy vegetable soup
  • Juicy slow roasted fresh chicken
  • Baked potato that's slightly seasoned
  • Dessert is a tasty pastry of the royal family choosing
  • 2 rounds of beverages are included free with your dinner.
  • A cash bar is available throughout the show.

Great Family Show!!

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