Pirates Dinner Adventure

6400 Carrier Drive
Orlando Fl 3281

Pre Show

As a special guest of Princess Anita, you are invited to start off your evening with a bountiful appetizer buffet.

Enjoy the King's assorted salads, tasty snacks, and special sauces.

The festival buffet is prepared to whet the appetite of royalty and commoner alike.

But, save room because there is a feast awaiting that can satisfy even the hungriest of pirates!



Salad or Creamy Vegetable Soup

Treasure's Chicken

Pillager's Pork

Roasted Potatoes

Caribbean Rice

Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Syrup

Kid's Menu - Chicken Fingers and Mashed Potatoes

Vegetarian Option Available

*Optional menus includes - Filet Mignon,Fresh Salmon or Lobster*

*Additional Cost*

*Menu subject to change


The evening continues with the swashbuckling, side-splitting, musical Pirate's Dinner Adventure Spectacular!

This Broadway-quality show is presented on an enormous, fully-rigged pirate's galleon.

The elaborate set provides the backdrop for action, romance, and comedy.

You, along with the beautiful Princess Anita and her court, are hostages of a band of pirates led by the dastardly Sebastian the Black who will stop at nothing to plunder, pillage, and rob.

Hang on, because there are rough seas ahead.

Buccaneer Bash

There's nothing a dastardly pirate likes more than having a swaggering good-time celebration.

Conclude your evening by joining the crew at the Buccaneer Bash and party the night away.

Even royalty joins the fun at the Buccaneer Bash!

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