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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior experience?
Our trips are for everyone. One third of our customers are first time kayakers. The inexperienced paddler enjoy our kayaking tours.

What are age limits and can I bring kids?
Children our welcome on our day trips and we encourage families to play together. At the same time it is wise to know kids well enough to know their limitations. We have 3 year olds who come every month with their parents and absolutely love it - sharing space in a tandem kayak. We have also had 7 year olds who did a number on their family trip. Generally speaking some 3-4 year olds who are fairly obedient can enjoy a family outing sharing a tandem kayak with a parent. To keep up in a single kayak 7-12 seems to be magic age. We have had athletic 10 years old make fine paddlers. We encourage you to let them try to go if they want. We are prepared to be helpful if the paddling becomes to difficult..

Do trips require high level of physical fitness?
No, our trips are not designed you make you an Olympic kayaker. Our trips are planned allowing for the inexperienced participant to still enjoy day of paddling.

What is ratio of guides to participants?
1 guide to 10 participants. We try and keep group size down so that every person on the trip receives ample time to ask questions and receive assistance with individual needs.

What do I need to bring?
Bring water, snacks, towel, camera, change of clothing, bug repellent, personal kayaking gear, shoes you don't mind getting wet, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen.

What is included?
Kayak - that you will fit comfortably in
PFD - Personal Flotation Device
Whistle - Coast Guard required

What kind of kayak will I use and do they turn over often?
We use a mixture of single and double kayaks.
The kayaks you will be using are chosen with comfort and stability in mind.
We have you sit in kayaks as well as tops.

Does it rain a lot, what if the weather gets bad?
July - October can produce afternoon thunderstorms. December - February sometimes has cold snaps that might make paddling less enjoyable. Our staff continually monitors weather conditions to insure you have the safest and most enjoyable trip possible. Your best bet is to prepare for all types of weather and you will remain comfortable.

Are there a lot of bugs?
Generally speaking, bugs are not a large problem. In some areas we may encounter some biting insects but bug repellant usually takes care of them! They tend to be a challenge in summer months after the rains begin and then primarily around dawn or dusk.

What variety of wildlife can I expect to see on the trip?
Our trips regularly encounter manatees,porpoises and a a large variety of shore birds. Depending on the area you choose to adventure in, you may see alligators,sea otters,deer,wild pigs,wild turkeys,bobcats,eagles and much more. Bird viewing is great year round but incredible in the winter and early spring when the migratory bird population is visiting.

What are chances of seeing manatees and how close to we get to them?
On our tours in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge we see manatees most of the year. The exception to that is when we have a cold snap and temperatures drop and stay low for a few days. On cold days manatees leave our area in favor of the warm runoff from power plants or the water of local springs which maintain a constant 72 degrees, Regulations have been adapted to ensure that the manatees are not harassed. The regulations state we can not feed or harass the manatees in any way. Often when we are viewing manatees they will approach the group in which case you may get an up close and personal experience with these amazing creatures.

Are there any toilets?
Bathroom facilities are not common in wilderness areas.


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