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Scenic Boat Cruises

Take a tour with us, let us show you the real Florida the one that our captains know about and few others seldom see.

You will get lost in an earlier time, where wildlife, tropical plants and trees, and the water's edge remain pristine and inviting just as they were when Chief Osceola of the Seminole Indians hunted and fished here long ago.

Bring your camera and perhaps catch a picture of a Bald Eagle or an Osprey as it swoops down to pick up a fish on the surface of the water. Watch the Gators as they bow up on the surface of the water as if to say, "stay away, this is my territory". But not to worry! Gators don't eat boats - or captains.

scenic tours at big lake tohopekaliga

Our captains know every square mileof the lakes, rivers, and streams around the central Florida area. So when it comes to touring and scenic adventures, they know where to go to change a regular boat ride into an unique and unforgettable adventure for everyone.

Scenic Tours at Big Lake Tohopekaliga Downtown Kissimmee at Big Toho Marina. The narrated tours are for approximately one hour, on a 24 foot pontoon boat, sodas, water and snacks are provided at no charge.

scenic tours at big lake tohopekaliga

Reservations Required

Monday - Friday 10AM,12PM,2PM and 4PM
Saturday - Sunday 9AM,11AM,1PM and 3PM
Special request for sunset cruise 1 hour before sunset.

$30 for adults.
$20 for children age 12 and under.
Minimum ride is $70 if you only have 2 in your party.

scenic tours at big lake tohopekaliga     scenic tours at big lake tohopekaliga

scenic tours at big lake tohopekaliga


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