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Orlando Aerial Tours

amazing-aerial-tourTake your vacation to new heights with Orlando aerial tours. Your plane flies over all the major theme parks of Orlando, including Disney World,Universal,and Sea World. We will then fly over the Butler Chain of Lakes to see houses of the rich and famous.With the captain's package, the guest sitting in the co-pilot seat will have the opportunity to take the controls and fly the airplane for an adrenalin rush you will not find on any ride.

disney-aerial-tourThe total experience takes about 75 minutes. When guests arrive at the Kissimmee airport, they will be lead to the briefing area where they will meet their pilot and watch a briefing video. Thebriefing video gives safety instructions and outlines what to expect from the tour.
After the video, guests are able to ask as many questions about the experience as they please.

orlando-aerial-tourNext, we will escort the guests out to the airplane. Pictures and video are permitted. The pilot and a Mauiva host will help the guests to safely board the plane and check to make sure all safety belts are securely fastened. After a short taxi to the runway, you will take flight.


universal-studios-aerial-tourAfter 30-35 minutes of flight time, guests will return to our debriefing area. Here, guests will be able to see a video of their flight as taken by our on board camera's.

Park Air Tours General Information:
Standard Flight:$109 Adults Children $99(age 3-9)
Captains Package:$138 Adults Children $128(age 3-9)


  • Captains Package - YOU FLY PLANE!
    (about 15 minutes at controls)
  • Hours of Operations: 7:30am-5:30pm 7 days a week.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your flight time.
  • Plane type: Cessna 172: 4 seats and can take 3 guests at a time.
    (Depending upon availability, multiple planes can be used to fly parties of 4 or more simultaneously.)
  • Children under the age of two years old are not permitted to participate.
  • Children under the age of 5 years old must sit in the backseat and be accompanied by an adult.
  • Weight restrictions: Average weight of 190lbs per guest.
  • Reservation cancelations: A 24 hour notice must be given in order to avoid penalty.

Orlando Aerial Tours
Tours Item Price Quantity
Standard Flight Ticket A 10+ $109.00
C 3-9 $99.00
Captains Package Ticket A 10+ $138.00
C 3-9 $128.00

Or Call 407 415 7283
Use Promotion Code OTIB - AIR TOUR

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