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Trivago Hotel Booking Search Engine

Orlando Tourist information Bureau has elected Trivago as it’s hotel booking agent and here is why.

Trivago is a search engine aimed at finding hotels for travelers.

It compares information from several external websites to offer the best prices and options for individuals.

Users can be provided with the tools they need to select the hotel that best fits their needs.

It is much like several of the other hotel comparison sites such as Expedia, Orbitz, and Priceline to name a few.

45 Million Visitors

Approximately forty-five million visitors frequent the site to find different prices from hundreds of different sites.

It was developed in 2004 by Malte Siewert, Rolf Schromgens, and Peter Vinnemeier in Germany.

It was made available in the United States in 2009. In 2012, Expedia purchased over sixty percent of Trivago for six hundred thirty million dollars.

There are more than 730,700 hotels available on the site, allowing Trivago to compare the prices, locations, and room types for each of them.

1,000 Orlando Hotels to Choose From

By refining your search, you can choose which hotels have certain amenities and preferences you are looking for.

Offers from the hotels can be found on linked sites from other booking sites.

The available data is based on information from partnered sites and hotel managers, as well as user testimonials.

By providing your opinions about the different hotels, users can receive a cash advantage every sixty days.

When choosing your hotel, you can compare the different options based on amenities, locations, and type of hotel, and review the testimonials to help make the best decision before booking.

Hotel Price Comparision

Trivago also allows you to view the regular price of the hotel in the Hotel Price Index.

In another section, the Hotel Manager tab will allow hotel managers of different properties to enter information about their hotel including photos and an extensive description.

Hotel managers may also view testimonials about their property so that they can interact with the users and enhance their customer communication and satisfaction.

Find the best price for your hotel room.

Search for hotels on Trivago here

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