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Whimsical Goes Wild at Dick’s Last Resort

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Dick’s Last Resort is open for some serious funny business, great food and cool drinks.

Dick is famous for controlled chaos, so be warned, the laughter is very contagious and unpredictable service is expected at all times.

Remember "it is all in fun" at this rowdy, laugh out loud, party-on venue.

With open arms, the staff welcomes you to Dick’s Last Resort.

This impulsive, happy destination is a celebration waiting to happen.

Whimsical goes wild at Dick’s, with music, amusement and southern charm with a twist of hilarious and dash of obnoxious.

What’s on the Menu

Dick’s menus are displayed on oversized black chalkboards for easy reading.

The list of dishes include ribs, chicken, Snow crab legs, Salmon, Catfish, Steaks, Shrimps, loaded greens, Caesar salad, crab cakes and so much more.

Dining on outdoor patio and take out service are available.

Inside Dick’s Last Resort, the decor is one of the kind.

There is a full body yellow chalk outline down the center of the floor titled "Best Day Ever," trailing yellow foot prints and humorous wall plaques everywhere, sporting clever expressions of wisdom, advice and popular sayings.

Read post such as "5 out of 4 people have a problem with fractions," "Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder," "Beware of servers.

it’s all in fun!" and "DEA" stands for drink every afternoon.

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Dicks Last Resort
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Not Your Typical Restaurant

There is a stage area for live entertainment, hanging silver disco balls, license plates from around the states, surf boards, snow skis, bikes, 45 vinyl records, Elvis and Pistol People signs, funny pictures and more.

It is about the atmosphere too.

Watch the sports channels play on the large screen televisions, placed throughout Dick’s place.

Observe the clever Dick’s television.

It features entertaining ads to buy some swag and book a shindig.

Dick’s TV channel displays his personal philosophy on being smart and how gravity faithfully works.

Do not be shy, be a sport.

Make a statement and don Dick’s signature head gear.

Dick’s staff will make you a custom, personalized hat, fashioned from crisp white butchers paper.

The harmless stinger is the sarcastic messages, punning wisecracks, and witty ridicule scripted on your eatery accessory.

Dick’s offers live entertainment on weekends.

Party hard at Dick’s Last Resort.

Build lasting memories with flying napkins, great food and drinks.

Visit Dick’s Last Resort soon, help spread the chaos and frolic on.

Dick’s Last Resort is located at 8248 Vineland Avenue across from the Premium Outlet Mall.

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