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Margaritaville Restaurant - Orlando At Universal Studios Citywalk

The songs, words and calm isle mind-set of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville gets enliven at this well-known tropical attitude restaurant.

The primary kitchen was motivated by one of Margaritaville preferred Southern region California beachfront live shows, and its three cafes; 12 Voltage Bar, Volcanic Bar and Land Shark Bar, were designed around Jimmy Buffett songs.

The Volcanic Bar is a Parrot Head enthusiast's choice for a real good time.

It is equipped with a massive overflowing volcano that explodes margaritas regularly.

Musical artists keep the party going in the restaurant's theater with live performances throughout the evening.

There is an outside sitting on the Patio.

Alternatively, you can simply rest in vibrant Chair outside the restaurant and observe the world pass by.

Exactly adjacent to Jimmy Buffett is the Lone Palm Flight terminal, presenting Margaritaville's very own sea-plane, the Hemisphere Professional ballerina.

This outside living room with tiki-bar presents a wide range of beverages and fast take-outs under the side of the seaplane, together with the "Parakeet Beach" vicinity for the children to play in.

Starters, Soup & Sides, Entrée Salads, Specialties, Margaritaville Grille, Sandwiches and Burgers, Decadent Desserts and Kid's Menu.

Dining Information

Hours: 11:30 am to 2:00 am
Service Type: Complete Service
Price Range: Entrees from $10 to $25
Participating Film and Food Deal Location: Yes


The menu characterizes an exclusive mixture of Caribbean and Key Western dishes, we reference to as "Floribbean Cooking."

Promotions consist of Poultry wings, Conch Fritters, Maize and Crab Chowder, Jamaica Mistaica, Bayou Shrimp Rice, BBQ Bones, Jimmy's Jammin' Jambalaya, Calypso Mahi Mahi, Snazzy jerk Poultry, Cuban Food, Key Calcium Pie, Prepared Seafood Tacos, and the ever well-known Cheeseburger in Paradise®.

Needlessly to say, the high-quality margaritas at Margaritaville are regarded as the finest around.

You will discover more than 10 diverse types to select from, together with a variety of other Freezing Blends and designed "Boat Beverages."


You will find a bit for every Parrot-head in the Smuggler's Hold products stock up.

Other than hats, Tops, Shorts, shoes and other outfits ideal for the seaside or any event, you will discover seaside bags, banners, images, magnets, decals, seals and hangings.

There is a shark fin pot holder and that sodium shaker you maybe requiring.

You will find Margarita eyeglasses and cups, Margarita blends, and yet numerous designs of the "Margaritaville Freezing Mixture Manufacturer," machines ideal for preparing up your own Margaritas, Daiquiris, Drinks and Coladas.

The racks are supplied with all of Margaritaville's CDs and guides as well.


Appreciate songs each evening at the Margaritaville's central theatre, with a musician every night on the outside Patio. Melody varies from isle songs to rock hits to Jimmy Buffett covers the musical performances presented.

Live Performance:
Daily beginning at 10:00 pm along with a $7.00 cover cost including tax.


Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville - Orlando, 6000

Universal Boulevard, Suite 704, Orlando, Florida,

Phone: 407-224-2155,
Email: customerservice@margaritaville.com


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