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A First for Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Updated: 8 Oct 2012 02.00 AM

Beginning in November 2012, wine and beer will be served at the Magic Kingdom's new Fantastyland's restaurant.

Alcoholic drinks will be offered only at the park's Be Our Guest restaurant, and to be sold only during the evening meal. Visitors are welcome to appreciate a thoroughly delightful sit down supper and to partake of grown up drinks.

Relax, feast, and enjoy this special and unique dining experience.

The children are sure to be charmed and entertained by the Beauty and the Beast theme.

The 3 themed dining rooms available are the mysterious West Wing, the Rose Gallery (lunch), and the Ballroom.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest restaurant offers a French cuisine.

Gourmet French food is served at lunch and dinner.

The lunch menu includes sandwiches and salads; tune Nicoise salad, grilled steak, French fries and more.

The dinner menu features other classic French dishes such as braised pork, grilled steak, French onion soup, vegetable quiche, cupcakes, cream puff and a choice of wine or beer to complement these traditional French dishes.

Beer & Wine

On tap, guest can select from the famous French high-end premium pale lager Kronenbourg 1664 or a Belgian beers.

The featured Belgian beers are Hoegaarden Wit, Saison Dupont and Chimay Blue. Beer prices range from $6 to $10 for each glass. The wine list is a marvelous variety of wines from French and California. Guest can order Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Chardonnay, Loire Valley, Merlot, Rose and many more classic blends.

The wines are priced from $8 to $17 per glass and $35 to $99 per bottle.

Salut and cheers to the new Fantastyland's Be Our Guest restaurant.

The restaurant previews in November and opens in December.



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