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Body Collectors Are Returning to Halloween Horror Nights Orlando

Updated: Fri, 31 Aug 2015 4:15:19 AM

Another fan favorite scare houses is coming back to Universal Studios Resort Orlando to give another dose of frights with Body Collectors: Recollections.

 It’s bee n quite a few years since park goers have had to encounter these body-snatching maniacs.

The wait is over and they are back to see if there are any parts of your body that they need to stock up on.

Youíre Trapped

As you enter the Shadybrook Asylum you will realize that there is nowhere else to go.

It’s the late 1800’s and there’s a blizzard raging so you are left with your fellow fear fanatics to make it through the storm safely.

There’s no telephone or internet so your communications are limited to the others trapped with you.

Little do you know the body collectors have descended on the asylum and they have a new shopping list of body parts to stock up on.

The storm couldn’t have arrived at a better time for them, but it’s bad timing for you.

Are the screams down the hallways patients or victims?

Donít Lose Your Head

Winter storms can also make the outdoors seem peaceful, but indoors it’s a whole different story.

It’s almost guaranteed that the trademark spinning ripping scene will happen at some point through your journey in the asylum. 

Just don’t let it be your spin that gets ripped out.

Sharpened blades whiz past you as you travel through corridors.

Body collectors hide in dark corners waiting for you to wander by.

Shrieks from dying victims fill the air.

All of this and more are things that you will encounter as you question why you entered this scare maze, but deep down you want to be there to experience it all.

It’s official, they’ve returned and they won’t stop until they get the parts that they need.

The mood is set and all that is needed is your body to enter the asylum.

Original Body Collectors Circa 2008

A little additional advice, make sure you don’t try to befriend any patients; they might be body snatchers in disguise or their deranged assistants.

Also, bundle up, it’s cold out there and you don’t want to expose your extremities.


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