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Club Disney at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Updated: Mon, 26 Oct 2015 12:40:28 PM

Walt Disney World has announced that Club Disney will be opening on December 4 at Hollywood Studios.

The new establishment will be located in a new section of the park that is going to be called “Sunset Showcase” on Sunset Boulevard.

This is the first attraction that will be opening in this section of the park.

Party With Mickey & The Gang

The venue would be outfitted with a seating area, recharging stations for your electronic devices and snack bars.

This space will be used for as a semi-permanent space for daytime and nighttime parties –which would be held after hours.

This is being called a dance space that will serve as an electric club atmosphere where a DJ will play an awesome party mix that will get you on your feet all night long.

You can expect a mixed playlist that will include some of your favorite Radio Disney Top 40 tunes.

The walls will also come to life with stunning imagines from decades of Disney animation.

When Is The Party?

There hasn’t been an announcement on hours and days that this venue will welcome throngs of Disney fans to their dance floor, but you can expect major holidays to be included in their line up.

There is also the chance that this will serve as a multi-use space where daytime parties with charters will take place for younger Disney fans.

What’s better than a day part hosted by Goofy and friends for your little ones to get up and celebrate the day to between rides and meals?

There isn’t one!

Get ready for a great party space where the little ones can enjoy some great music and adults can dance also dance along to their favorite songs wile getting ready for their next magical adventure in the park.

As of now the Disney Junior Dance Party will also be offered.


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