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Credit Card Skimming in Orlando

Updated: 1 Feb 2013 04.51 AM

Credit card skimming is on the rise in the Orlando area.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with what this is, skimming involves the stealing and selling of credit card information and can take place in restaurants, gas stations, hotels and ATM machines.

Skimmers typically use a device attached to a computer or credit card reader to capture customer credit card information and later sell that information to other criminals.

Unfortunately, Orlando’s status as a popular vacation destination has also made it a popular place for credit card skimming.

Several notable cases have come up in recent years at Disney-affiliated hotels and Orlando area restaurants.

How to Protect Yourself

As frightening as the prospect of credit card skimming is, there are several ways to help protect yourself from this crime.

When dining out, don't let credit card out of their immediate view.

Corrupt wait staff will have a skimmer, that can capture your credit card details.

If you can not pay at your table, do so at the register

When you make a credit card purchase, examine the credit card processing device.

Many skimming devices attach on to these processors so if it doesn’t look right, then it may not be safe to use.

If you’re at an ATM or a gas station, look around and make sure that your credit card slot and keypad match all the other ATMs or gas pumps.

If possible, enter your zip code at gas stations instead of your credit card’s pin number.

Finally, keep track of where you use your credit card and make sure to always scrutinize your credit card statements.

If there are any charges on your statement that aren’t yours, alert your credit card company immediately.


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